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What are you playing this weekend (23rd October)

Image: ZA / UM We survived another week, well done everyone! There was a lot of news this week, with one of the slightly disappointing stories being the allegations of bad management practices at Metroid Dread developer MercurySteam, but as more good news we also had the arrival of Sora …

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I cried ugly 8 times at Kingdom Hearts

SPOILER WARNING! In the article below, Stuart discusses some pretty hefty spoilers as he takes us on an emotional and tearful Kingdom Hearts journey. If you haven’t played the games and are sensitive to spoilers, we recommend that you come back in about a year after you’ve played the lot. …

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How many hours is a “short” game for you?

Image: Nintendo Life There was a time when we wished every video game would never end. We used to save all our pocket money and, after weeks and months of meticulous research, wisely invested only in the very best games; See reviews, collect opinions, and maybe even rent or borrow …

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8 games that Nintendo hardware missed out on

Every long-time Nintendo fan knows that the company’s external publishing partners can be good weather friends. Many of the largest franchises in the industry have not been featured on Nintendo hardware for a while. In some cases, Nintendo’s own bold decisions about cartridges and standard definition games have cost them …

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Where do competitive Pokémon go from here?

Image: The Pokémon Company Two years have passed since Pokémon Sword and Shield introduced the eighth generation of Pokémon games. With him came the outrage of some fans, though most agreed that Sword and Shield hadn’t faltered when it came to its competitive scene. Pokémon tournaments are played under the …

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