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The best Nintendo Switch puzzle platformer

The Switch has a lot of platformer and a lot of puzzle games, and that extends to puzzle platformer as well. If you raise your eyebrows and say “What are you standing there, you can’t just combine it like ice cream”, then stay with us. It’s one thing, I promise. …

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Best Tabletop Mode Games for Nintendo Switch

Image: Nintendo Life Look, it’s not often like Nintendo advertising when it comes to games in tabletop mode on Nintendo Switch. We don’t all have the photogenic smiles and make a noise when we play in a trendy cafe, but there are times and games that really go with a …

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Best Nintendo Switch FPS Games

Nintendo Switch’s extensive catalog of games covers virtually every genre, and first-person shooters are no exception. It’s a welcome change as Nintendo systems have historically lagged a bit behind other consoles in the FPS space, despite containing some classics. At long last, GoldenEye 007 and Perfect dark helped define the …

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