Battle Europe’s BEST ROB! – Sintro vs Fatality FT10

Fatality, the world’s best Captain Falcon, battles Sintro, one of the best ROBS in Europe, in a First to 10 at the Smash World Tour 2021! Check out Fatality’s Merch! Follow Death! (if you want). Clips Channel: Follow the editors! Thumbnails of Bijou Outro Song Credits: If you would like to donate to support me directly, check out this link, thanks! Alternatively, if you don’t have a Twitch account, there’s my Patreon, which I basically just use as a donation extension of my Streamlabs page. :p Link to Patreon here: #SmashUltimate #CaptainFalcon #FURIA .

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  1. this rob be shmoovin no cap


  3. The amount of 0-deaths in this set is crazy!

  4. I love this kind of content, it's a gold mine when it comes to refreshing knowledge on certain MUs

  5. 33:20 Fatality with gyro, damn.

  6. 12:1012:13 forced me to look up R.O.B.'s Crowd Cheer

  7. WaDi and 8 bit man have competition

  8. No 60fps option 🥺

  9. Fatality really does not care how dangerous it is off stage against Rob.

  10. Please change title to FT9, it'd be the first one, and means for a rematch.

  11. Nair 1 up tilt is a good option to punish opponents jumping up from ledge, or at least I’ve had success with it. Would appreciate it if fatality could see my comment and give it a try because I’m a big fan of his and would like to hear his opinion on it

  12. Try fighting Mexico's best Link, even though he doesn't travel much, he's really good. 😉

  13. I love how Sintro uses laser as a movement and spacing option. Sintro hits so many of them or repositions with them and it looks amazing! Makes for a really useful whiff punish tool.

  14. That game 3 spike was all I needed to get me through the rest of 2022. Can’t wait for the rest of the video.

  15. I don’t know how common this is since I don’t watch a lot of ROB players but @ 24:25 when he bounced gyro off the stage, then caught it and threw it up to cover his entire recovery? That was slick af.

  16. The knee at 35:22 😤🤯🤯

  17. Uhm is it just me or is the vid not running in 60fps?

  18. 17:29 was dope lol he escaped falcon pressure by just killing him

  19. Game 1…the typical Rob reverse

  20. It's ok editor we forgive you 🙂

  21. Why are the FPS so shit on this vid

  22. Holy shit.. fatality with a gyro.. I'd be scared to be a rob main playing vs him.

  23. 25:30 was so fucking clean

  24. 2:29 NOO! “Yes!” – Captain Falcon

  25. Sintro could have done much better if he didn’t give up stage control so often. Being off stage against Fatality is a huge disadvantage.

  26. 22:53 great job by Sintro

  27. 21:42 was almost insane

    22:53 great 0 to death from Sintra

    25:29 was awesome

  28. The fact that fatality is just not afraid to go out for ROB offstage like a fuckin wild cat with sharp ass claws amazes me

  29. Great content griffin you are smoooth

  30. nice set! I saw when you had gyro a lot you would short or full hop above him and throw it down for a combo extention. Thing is he kept sheilding it as because you have gyro he knows you cant homohawk grab him because your holding gyro (the grab button release gyro not grab).

    Is it possible maybe to z drop gyro fast fall grab in those situations? so you can mix him up and condition so you maybe get a throw gyro down combo later on.

  31. The b reverse gyro that stage spiked was nasty af never seen that

  32. I love how the first word spoken in the video was “Surprise!”

  33. One of the most creative robs I've seen

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