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Comments (28)

  1. Very good cheat, on my channel you can also watch and say cheat!

  2. what password to otc 3?

  3. triggerbot doesnt work

  4. он устарел, жаль, ведь раньше он тащил даже платные читы

  5. thank u man you is super youtuber 🙂

  6. sorry man but you're the worst "legit" cheater I've ever seen

  7. how do you put the config?

  8. otcv3 has an issue with dpi that causes your aim/mouse movement to move really slow. ive had the issue ever since i started using otcv3

  9. Love your vids big +rep keep the good work.

  10. Is it possible not to get banned I just want to use esp?

  11. I am orange yey

  12. Do i need some other browser it jeep writing that i cant on Google

  13. Broo I get crash

  14. thats me guys s1mply lmao how

  15. u call this legit???

  16. need new link for the main discord

  17. Please make uhittable as free cfg for onetap v3 crack

  18. why my game crash ?

  19. Legit doesnt work

  20. Can someone send me dll because i got ban for the nitro message when u get token logged

  21. hi, Alexabderrxd. Im ban the dc szerver please unban name Mark

  22. fake dont download

  23. finnaly after 5 months or more otcv3 is back

  24. crashes when round starts

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