Fatality’s Smash World Tour Run CLOSED BY INCINEROAR!!

Holiday Offer! Go to to get a 2-year plan plus 1 extra month at a huge discount. People expected Fatality to go all the way and qualify for the Smash World Tour through the Super Smash Bros Ultimate LCQ bracket, but SKYJAY STOPPED HIM WITH INCINEROAR in this epic set! Watch streams at: ► Social Media: ► ► Connect with Liquid fans around the world on Liquid+ ► Video Editor: ► Follow and subscribe to keep up to date with all my content. Click the bell next to the subscribe button to receive instant notifications of all uploads! #Hungrybox #SmashBros #SuperSmashBros #SmashBrosUltimate .

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  2. Incineroar has BEEN a problem, He's literally always been good. People just overexaggerate his weaknesses.

  3. didn't hungrybox cheat on his girlfriend? seems really shitty

  4. I main Incineroar, and even if he's supposedly a character that's mid tier, still have so much fun playing as him. I get an adrenaline rush with all the wrestling moves he can do.

  5. 5 games in 9 min. WDF, CRAZY SET!

  6. Fatality is 100% an anime protagonist. He loses when you think he should win but it always DRAMATIC AND FLASHY. then he lets you down. Then comes back stronger

  7. Incenaroar Gvng 🤘🏽💪🏽

  8. Wait, Dr. Proctor the car driving doctor lost to Epic Eddie? Huh!?!?

  9. Man's just mashed aerial attacks and beat fatality 😑

  10. Fatality fav player to watch. Guys too clutch

  11. I’m glad the Latino won 🥇 🤷🏻

  12. I have never been more proud to be an Incin main

  13. Good, so he can stop mashing 😂

  14. It’s always the Mexicans that take this world tours

  15. Mexico is on another level. Get wrecked fatality

  16. Skyjay just needs an alt for characters with a counter

  17. Squidward “ goodnight” priceless 😂

  18. Inciniroar just didn't deserve to be in smash imo

  19. the chad incineroar vs the virgin captain falcon

  20. Fatality wins upset against losing match against the best pikachu. And then loses to a matchup he's not used to but should clearly win. Lol

    At least this game is pretty balanced. But sucks

  21. "some of the sickest combos i seen in this game" after every "combo " ends up being him mostly doing up airs repeatedly and ending with a knee lmao

  22. that gief el fuerte comparison is normally how these sets go lmao 10-0 falcon matchup online

  23. Seems like griffin miller choked at the end there.

  24. That 'Good night INCINEROAR' had me fucking crying

  25. From Owning ESAM to losing against SkyJay.

    Thats a really Fatality thing to do

  26. So many sick sets here

  27. 7:31 "Mom said hurry back with the milk since ur my long lost dad."

  28. No incineroar dunks? Guy too afraid to ledge trap. Great set though.


  30. This is amazing incineroar is my favorite character in smash

  31. The “goodnight …. INCINEROAR!” Had me geekin 😂

  32. I love how those 2 char have the exact same pose on the char select screen.

  33. We knew who was gonna win when you heard where sky was from

  34. keep disrespecting Skyjay…

  35. That Tipper power is insane

  36. Still till this day idk who to main

  37. skyjay and bassmage in doubles are like so enjoyable to watch

  38. Def one of the most explosive sets in ultimate

  39. Incin is a really good character. Just no good players wanna waste their time on a character who has to predict every move

  40. People been sleeping on incin
    Excellent boxer (even vs lil mac)
    best counter in game
    kill moves on most of his attacks
    slow run but faster dash
    his recovery is actually pretty good if you know how to use it.

  41. If I can say one thing. I would say people are sleeping on incineroar

  42. As someone who loves using incineroar, it was so satisfying to watch this

  43. I’m just appreciating how long this video is

  44. one of the things ive always enjoyed about ultimate, and why i think its pretty balanced, is you can have a match up and person 1 take their opponent 0 to death 3 stock. Then replay it and the exact opposite can happen.

  45. it felt like fatality was winning the entire time…

  46. That didn’t look right I’m a falcon main my friend a incinerator player and I don’t die that early on anything

  47. 0:51 why he on that with SFIV?

  48. It was awful to watch Fatality fall in the tournament but I love Incineroar

  49. I love being an incineroar main right now

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