Port 6 Top 32 – Tweek (Diddy Kong) vs. Fatality (Captain Falcon) SSBU Ultimate Tournament

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  1. man Fatality isn't normally that stiff. he just kept trying to out aerial tweek but it didn't work

  2. I can’t take how much one of these commentators sounds like a slightly younger John C Reilly

  3. So great match….but why wasn't fatality using falcon kick? I saw like 10 times it would have taken the stock. Button mapping? Still good match.

  4. Fatality is overrated as hell

  5. Lol Fatality really thought spamming up special at Tweek instead of actually trying to adapt was going to win him the set?

  6. Fatality doesn’t use enough special moves to shake his opps up

  7. Once fatality gets his confidence thru the roof there’s no one that’s Gona stop him

  8. Tweek played so good game 1 it looked kinda frustrating to deal with 😵‍💫

  9. This set shows what separates boys from men.

  10. I would say something about being surprised Fatality was beaten, but last time I did that a bunch of people were upset. Cool match

  11. That kid in the yellow looks like chris moltisanti from the sopranos

  12. The match that I didn't care who wins

  13. It feels weird watching my boy Fatality missing so many techs.

  14. Fatality is lacking in defense

  15. It sucks fatality cant break into the top tier player category

  16. Fatality forgot about his other movesets and got so greedy with so many conversions

  17. Fatality’s weakness is his aggression

  18. I respect both players a lot

  19. Such an enjoyable set. I hope Fatality will keep Tweek busy.

  20. Man I wish this man used falcon kick

  21. Fatality was sleeping at the wheel. Whiffed regrabs. Tried to predict instead of react most of the set, and literally just let tweek get away with so much.

  22. I'm not surprised honestly. Falcon's disadvantage is so bad & he has to commit harder than the top characters to get his kills off. I thought it was going to be worse in terms of stock deficit. Pikachu & Diddy Kong as terrible for Falcon because they force him to use certain moves because of their low profiles & they combo him at all percents & they have low committal kill options.

  23. What is the song in between game 1 and 2?

  24. Commentators continue to have no idea what’s up

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