CEO 2021 Top 12 – Fatality (Captain Falcon) Vs. WaDi (Mewtwo, ROB) SSBU Ultimate Tournament

CEO 2021 is a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament in Orlando, Florida, streaming live at: Brackets: #SmashUltimate #SuperSmashBros #Ultimate .

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  1. CEO 2021 is still live! Check it out here: "http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp"

  2. Honestly, two of the best figureheads of the smash community right there. Respect the hell out of both of them

  3. This commentating felt like a competition to fit in as many words as possible. Lol

    Love both these players and what a great set!

  4. 3:39 I can't help but laugh at what is being said here

  5. I'll take "why Mewtwo mains drop Mewtwo" for 200, please.

  6. Watching neutral in this game gives me brain rot

  7. So this is the set that caused him to drop mewtwo lol

  8. how is fatality so hot in a face mask it’s unfair

  9. Who let the kid with the speech impediment do commentary. Dude said "back aiuwr" 😂

  10. Commentators shouldn’t have speech impediments lol

  11. Wadi and ESAM? Fatality is a panda killer lol

  12. Someone give these commentators a raise, they hype the match so well without overreacting, and their descriptions make it an even better watch. 10/10.

  13. WaDi noob …. he Could've Won

  14. The commentator with the speech impediment spoiled commentary for me. Not their calling.

  15. bro they need to get this kid with a lisp off the mic shits mad annoying

  16. The female commentator almost sounded like she was trying to spit rap bars. She can slow down a bit lol.

  17. fatility tough as shit

  18. I feel like having commentators that don't have a speech impediment isn't too much to ask for. Might just be me having a pet peeve, but it really grinds my gears hearing every R get butchered

  19. These announcers sound like a bunch of bitches

  20. What a way to end the set.

  21. I can’t stand the girl announcers voice. Terrible for an announcer, and before you say I’m sexist I like Vikki and liked Cinpie too.

  22. Why would they put someone who can’t pronounce R’s properly on commentary? I understand if he wants to be a commentator but some people just can’t do certain things properly. There’s nothing wrong with that until you literally give them the job of doing what they naturally are unable to do. He has good thoughts but man that speech impediment is impossible to ignore.

  23. Who are these comentators? They do a really good job in keeping it entertaining without screaming or deviating from the fight

  24. I loved Fatality's reserved but excited pop off after he shook Wadi's hand.

  25. Griffin played like a true top player. So amazing to see from him.

  26. MewTwo deserves more players tbh.

    Also that commentator with the impediment is low-key annoying af. (Who hiwes someone wif pwobwems to commentate) ovews?

  27. These commentators are so good. “That was the most masculine back air I’ve ever seen” ahaha

  28. A short and vicious set. Damn, ROB got hands…

  29. Anyone know who the commentators are?

  30. I feel Wadi could had go out there more with mew2. Nair can spike down if timed right. But this is Fatality, he is fighting.

  31. the one commentator who sounds like a kid has gotten much better! used to be UNBEARABLE to listen to

  32. Wadi is dropping mewtwo. The end of an era. 😔

  33. Why is wadi always air dodging out of hitstun he's so bad for a top player he just charges shadowball for pressure because he can't scrap safely

  34. why is it bo3 for the entire tourney :l_/

  35. Honestly, I personally think that it could be argued that behind Leo and Gluto, Fatality has one of the best punish games in all of ultimate

  36. My two favorite players! Never gets tiring to watch!

  37. I'm not trying to be rude but this fucking little kid commentator kinda getting on my nerves

  38. Fatality look so weird man lol. Hell of a ultimate player though

  39. so hard to root for someone in this. love both of them

  40. Whats up with the misogynie and transphobia in the comments folk huh? Grow up.

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