Is that the BEST Palutena? – Fatality vs Chag FT10

Fatality plays a First to Ten with probably the best Palutena main in the world, Chag, on Mainstage 2021! Check out Fatality’s merch! Follow the cause of death! (if you want). Clips Channel: Follow the Editor! Thumbnails of Bijou Outro Song Credits: If you would like to donate to support me directly, check out this link, thank you very much! Alternatively, there is my Patreon, if you don’t have a Twitch account, which I basically only use as a donation add-on to my Streamlabs page. : p Link to the Patreon here: #SmashUltimate #CaptainFalcon #FURIA.

Comments (21)

  1. Never fails to feel good when seeing him lose

  2. I know when Fatality is going to upsmash… I swear I can feel it coming.

  3. How did fatality grab the ledge at 12:16?

  4. Fatality missed a lot of 2 frames this set and I wonder how they seemed so well timed

  5. I respect chag, I just don’t like his character. He should try Mewtwo.

  6. Chag's teleport cancels and explosive flame utility is crazy

  7. Fatality, do you like Coldplay?

  8. Chag landing all those downairs is just insane. This really made me wanna try using Palu again, since she was my secondary in smash 4.

  9. you know how it's gonna go when the intro comes first without a clip beforehand lol

  10. Chag read every single move

  11. Jesus these teleport cancels are clean.

  12. Would be awesome if you could upload your FT10 with Blucas! It was a fun one to watch especially as a Lucas main!

  13. Holy ****, that Palutena is tough.

  14. Yo the quality tho?

  15. Chag is one of literally 3 players who is able to consistently battle it out with Sparg0 (the other two being MKLeo and Tweek).
    Chag ain't just the best Palu: he's easily top 10 in the world imo.

  16. What an awful matchup for Falcon.

  17. Like Fatality always says..”Jesus H. Christ”

    He got served.

  18. Nairo plays Sephiroth now, his Palu is rusty anyways. Chag is the best Palu, and Lui$ a close 2nd.

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