FATALITY FALCON is GOD LEVEL! | # 1 Captain Falcon Combos & Highlights | Smash Ultimate # 5 Offline

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  1. fatality is the most hype pro player

  2. 1:20 has to be one of my favorite commentator moments ever. Just the way he says "stomp" and then pops off at how hard fatality read MVD's soul. What a beautiful smash moment :')

  3. 0:47 Why are you running? Why are you running!?

  4. Brooo lmao I just knew they would start it off with that MVD match get wrecked you fakeass Maui

  5. He makes it look like melee

  6. Bro imagine thinking falcon isn't hype.

  7. You ever heard the tragedy of Darth fatality the loyal?

  8. Hazmatt "OMG" count in first clip: 6

  9. Starting to believe that Fatality and Captain Falcon are one and the same person.

  10. Dang he's just good

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