CEO 2021 – Fatality (Captain Falcon) vs. CD (Pyra Mythra) SSBU Ultimate Tournament

CEO 2021 is a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament in Orlando, Florida that will be streamed live at: Brackets: #SmashUltimate #SuperSmashBros #Ultimate.

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  1. CEO 2021 is still live! Check it out here: "http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp"

  2. Good show from both players

  3. Love fatality and great match but damn most smash commentators are boring af now. Nothing against these guys at all, they are just doing typical esports commentary and thats fine for every other esport, but one of the best things about the smash scene and smash commentary is how ridiculous and hype it used to be. Its SUPPOSED to be unprofessional and crazy, people like coney, EE, tk breezy, D1 screaming "DESTRUCTION!", etc, i really wish we had their energy more, cuz normal esports commentary is hella boring for someone whose used to old smash commentary.


  5. The windows error sound at 6:02, lol

  6. Funny thing that im a puertorican smash player that people says i am the puertorican fatality cuz the look…and i see fatality is using mi gamer tag😅

  7. CD is really good at footstools

  8. This match-up is actually ass for falcon btw. And cd was side b camping bro and just fishing for dairs

  9. This pythra is garbo

  10. 4:30
    I can’t tell if CD just spaced it really well or if fatality missed, but good shit either way

  11. 2:28 the Captain Falcon Cake Cam

  12. Didn't Deadpool kill one of these guys already?

  13. I wish fatality would up tilt at ledge more often. Especially against pyra/mythra it catches air dodge to ledge very consistently

  14. CLASSIC Fatality. Love seeing sets like these

  15. This guy looks like a young Wizzrobe

  16. Cd don't know how to use pyra/mythra properly his playstyle looking like ppl who first time tried that character when it came out lol.

  17. This set felt so close yet not close at the same time. Props to both for a clean set

  18. The Pyra/Mythra nerfs are pretty much unnoticeable. The one nerf I think they seriously need to make is to shrink down that monstrously huge sweetspot on the downair of Pyra. It's way too forgiving and it either kills or sets up easy kills everytime.

  19. Fatality is the CEO of being goated

  20. Let’s gooooooo fatality!

  21. the frame drops with the recording equipment was pretty distracting. Great set tho

  22. The commentator at the end talking about how big he is was so cringy. Dude sounds like a fuckin 12 year old

  23. Get owned mythra pyra

  24. When you see Fatality's Falcon you ask yourself if you're watching a human playing or a God playing

  25. This dude look like Shaggy

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