Ultimate KITANA & SKARLET (with new moves & deaths!) | Download Mortal Kombat Mugen (MKP)

Ultimate compilation of the best Kitanas & Skarlets I’ve found. More special movements and more deaths! Kitana based on the Cheban version & Skarlet on shirubesutoru_ Both include the inflate fatality of Dakbuster: 🔽DOWNLOAD LINKS – MEDIAFIRE: Please, to see Mediafire links, I just ask you to follow me with the links below (NO ADS) , I hope you understand . If you have any problems let me know =) 💀MK Doom Full Game here: 🐲All MK characters: Kitana & Skarlet only ✉ [CREDITS]
Skarlet: borg117, Darkburster1, Phoboss, shirubesutoru_ Kitana: borg117, Cheban, Moonchaser122, Darkburster1, Anderson Dragoni, Emsi-D Velaskez, Guïí (if someone is missing, comment below).

Comments (6)

  1. vary nice, how is the megaman coming

  2. You might be able to just use the sound file from my skarlet and you’ll get all the custom added sounds I put in it for that.

  3. Should edit the sprites from skarlet that were used on Kitana during inflation so her mask is still off. I saw the mask appears, it’s not too hard to change that

  4. I liked skarlet new fatality

  5. you forgot to put the link to download the chars in the video description

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