Fatality Tears Up Elite Smash In This Stream Highlight Video! He literally farms you all. Check out Fatality’s Merch! Follow the cause of death! (if you want). Clips Channel: Follow the Editor! Thumbnails of Bijou Outro Song Credits: If you would like to donate to support me directly, check out this link, thank you very much! Alternatively, there is my Patreon, if you don’t have a Twitch account, which I basically only use to add donations to my Streamlabs page. : p Link to the Patreon here: #SmashUltimate #CaptainFalcon #FURIA.

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  1. Why does he have the game in spanish? Where is he actually from?

  2. 10:25 that`s why people who don`t know how to play proper Smash always go for cheese and it applies to every character. Really boring and funny at the same time. XD

    Truly funny how Fatality trash talked these people, because I think most people can relate to Elite and online Smash experience a lot. XD

  3. Just can’t imagine how hard Fatality would scrape me, he’d four stock me in a three stock game

  4. I don’t know why fatality’s laugh sounds so fake to me (I’m not doggin on him, I’m just saying)

  5. Something about dair into footstool dair just hits.. You can watch it forever *chefs kiss

  6. This man's hype is too powerful, it's overloading the nation's electrical grid and causing brownouts! He has to be stopped.

  7. He’s slowly becoming marss

  8. I watched the whole thing lol. Best Falcon. NA.

  9. Only human being I've ever heard pronounce Aegis properly.

  10. 6:46 dam it hits with the music

  11. 7:39 today I learned that I can stomp puffs Aerial pound

  12. The jump, fall, knee at 4:25 should be called the shark attack. Because it looks like a shark going up and down out of the water 💪🤝😎

  13. Does fatality play with tap jump yes or no?

  14. Love seeing your confidence man, you've come a long way as a player since the Smash 4 days (:

  15. To fatality's amazing editor: It's great to see clips that almost worked in this video. Just goes to show how a lot of these combos are heavily read based and/or difficult to pull off

  16. Hey Fatality! Did you hear about the Yuzu Smash ultimate Rollback build being developed by Dshad?

  17. Griffin is just a kid with too much candy in this video, it's so wholesome haha

  18. I can tell that fatality was feeling himself with this stream

  19. More footstool pls!

  20. Dude fatality you’ve gotten so much better since COVID first began. Crazy. You were already really good then. You picking up aegis for matchups should def excel your efforts even higher.
    PS: Falcon punch should break shields

  21. 6:58 That's the sort of option that Gluto advised you against. I know you're just messing around for content, but what're your competitors doing?

  22. Fatality is the worlds nicest bully literally and figuratively.

  23. Bro Fatality lowkey has gotten so much better not just as a player but as a streamer. Definitely a confidence boost as of late that's for sure.

  24. It's me or Fatality confidence and trash talking skills skyrocketed.

    Even his gameplay seems more aggressive and more confident.

    Honestly that's really sick.

  25. I literally only like Pythra when Fatality is player her. Other than that I wish that character burn in many hells

  26. This was an awesome video! Would definitely love to see more of these….even if there is lag…

  27. That Link "L" though? LUL winning on accidents

  28. That last knee made possible by the fact that Griffon realized he had the power of 69. The ZSS realized it, and was running for their life.

    There were no survivors.

  29. All Jeremy wanted to do was a have a nice game with ZSS and instead becomes a Dr Seuss book lol.

  30. 3:30 absolutely disgusting, great shit

  31. Idk how fatality does so good with only Falcon

  32. The combination of the read and Fatality's percent at 11:14 was mm. Godlike 👌

  33. In what dimension does Griffin live at this point?

  34. Why not play Shulk instead Fatality?

  35. Anyone else think disparaging the opponent as a form of celebration makes a person look like a dick?

  36. Dang fatality out for blood this video XD

  37. Few things are scarier than when your opponent is doing nothing.


  39. 11:14 Did he just run and knee him? He read inside his soul in that game.

  40. Call the police. That read is illegal! Lol

  41. I’m so glad fatality is picking Pythra for a secondary. I know the feeling of wanting to play just one character and have been trying to find a true secondary outside of friendlies myself. No matter who he plays it’s just so hype to watch.

  42. Falcon mayhem on my birthday!? Ayyyee

  43. 9:32 Hilarious how the Link's name was "L"

  44. Damn you make playing Falcon look easy

  45. I’m in attendance

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