This matchup is WILD! – Chronos vs. Fatality

Fatality, the best Captain Falcon in the world, battles Chronos, a great snake player and number one in Colorado! Check out Fatality’s merch! Follow the cause of death! (if you want). Clips Channel: Follow the Editor! Thumbnails of Bijou Outro Song Credits: If you would like to donate to support me directly, check out this link, thank you very much! Alternatively, there is my Patreon, if you don’t have a Twitch account, which I basically only use as a donation add-on to my Streamlabs page. : p Link to the Patreon here: #SmashUltimate #CaptainFalcon #FURIA.

Comments (38)

  1. Chronos seems like a cool guy.

  2. This is such a high octane matchup its fantastic to watch

  3. brawler vs mechanic type beat

  4. I saw Chronos at one of our locals up here in FoCo. Everybody he played against would just shake their head and laugh. There wasn't anything they could do. It was awesome.

  5. You need to ft10 the new DK. But a good one. Not no b!tch @ss DK. One who actually used the f%cking neutral special on a regular basis. That's one that I feel like you should use more to. You used it once in ten games. Even when you were so ahead and had nothing to lose. Come on man.

  6. Snake is highkey one of the most hype characters in the game, I don't care what anybody says

  7. I love Chronos' attitude. Just a genuinely fun guy having a good time

  8. never heard of chronos till now. i dont like watching snake but he's vibin idk I enjoyed that set

  9. How’s the Young link Falcon matchup? I’d imagine it’s hell but you’ve probably got some sauce for it.

  10. Yooo Chronos is sick!

  11. 14:25 Snake does the Smashville jump

  12. Wait a minute, is the C the Chrono series C (Obv not, fake fan here, I thought of it due to tag)

  13. He should use falcon kick more

  14. One does not simply tell Fatality to "chill"

  15. why is he fenrir now that sounds like a name an edgy highschool kid would choose for his wow character

  16. Chronos got my respect. He seems like a cool dude

  17. where's the wigglerocket

  18. Who TF is Chronos

  19. Yo chronos is a pretty sick Snake & this FT10 was really fun to spectate

  20. Chronos more than held his own and hit some sick shit lets go dude, CO going places

  21. How does chronos do the z-catch in 5:27 without using shield to drop the granade?

  22. Fought Chronos in a casual, real good Snake!

  23. All 9 NoCO Falcon mains are popping off

  24. I'm the 69th like. nice

  25. Chronos is #1 in CO now. Weirdly he's not from the Denver scene but Fort Collins up north.

  26. Hell yeah some Colorado representation!

  27. Yet again an amazing set! Very chill and fun to watch!

  28. 39:42 this snake string 👀

  29. this ft10 is such a good showing from chronos especially after seeing how hard fatality dismantled mvd at this same tourney.
    let’s go chronos 🗣️

  30. let’s go chronos

    snake gang 🐍

  31. My man Chronos let's get it! Making CO seen!

  32. These FT10s are the only things keeping me emotionally stable rn

  33. Fatality making Snake look like a bottom tier lmao

  34. I love the banter between these guys

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