The best INCINEROAR in the world – Fatality vs SkyJay FT10

Fatality, the best Captain Falcon in the world, is fighting SKYJAY, the best Incineroar in the world! This is going to be good. Check out Fatality’s merch! Follow the cause of death! (if you want). Clips Channel: Follow the Editor! Thumbnails of Bijou Outro Song Credits: If you would like to donate to support me directly, check out this link, thank you very much! Alternatively, there is my Patreon, if you don’t have a Twitch account, which I basically only use as a donation add-on to my Streamlabs page. : p Link to Patreon here: #SmashUltimate #CaptainFalcon #FURIA #Skyjay #Incineroar.

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  1. 8:10 it's cute listening to fatality try justifying that absolute bullshit lmao

  2. México god skyjay

  3. Skyway won against him the SWT

  4. Love Fatality's reaction at 1:38

  5. Something I like about these videos is you can see the real awkwardness that's involved. When I used to try and do locals it just felt so weird talking to the guy about which stages to ban, and the after match conversations were always kind of awkward because you're both nervous and 1 is upset after losing a round either way. You can see it in their interactions, even these high level players still have a bit of that (not meant in a negative way towards either player at all, I legitimately enjoy it).

  6. the best in the world? just because he lives in the us? I don't think so.
    Maybe he is the best in the us but not the world.

  7. Good incineroar is a mf to deal with

  8. 31:05 Who’s that in the facecam?

  9. Nah this is wavy I needa go to a offline event Sumday

  10. 29:14 "The comeback?!"
    "No, I don't think so"
    Hold my beer

  11. 14:38 Kill screen from center stage at 8%. Gotta love Incineroar lol

  12. Mystery Sol > Skyjay. 👀👀👀

  13. Fatality’s face at 1:36 LOL

  14. One of my favourite things to do while watching these is try and read what options fatalities opponent is going to use, I managed to get one hard read thus far, felt good man

  15. 6:53 That disGUSting 35% jab. Damn near threw up. Wtf?

  16. hope you learned that you REALLY shouldnt challenge Inci's up b from below. Specially offstage haha. That thing will spike you to oblivion

  17. That Sparg0 loss bruh FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

  18. Having your color or costume in any fighting game is definitely an important factor.

  19. 1:35 Fatality and I had the same reaction lmao

  20. 23:07 Damn that was clean

  21. He needs to rematch Soki!(Andrik i think?)

  22. i wanna see you vs elegant so bad

  23. 13:49 is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen fatality pull off

  24. I’ll never understand why incineroar wasn’t given the ability to shift the angle / direction of his Up-B ;(

  25. We need more of those Local streams. the best sets definitely 👌

  26. We’re gonna get more Fatality First To 10 Battles Soon In the future.

    Fatality vs Dark Wizzy
    Fatality vs Peanut
    Fatality vs Sparg0
    Fatality vs Tweek
    Fatality vs Willy the Terry Main
    Fatality vs King Of Skill
    Fatality vs Light
    Fatality vs Pink Fresh
    Fatality vs Vernias
    Fatality vs Poppt1
    Fatality vs Aaron
    Fatality vs Rivers
    Fatality vs Charliedaking
    Fatality vs Kiyarash
    Fatality vs BassMage
    Fatality vs Sinji

  27. So many of incin’s vocals sound like it’s saying it’s entire name in one syllable. I love it

  28. I am in love with how explosive this matchup is

  29. These games were Súper Hype!!!

  30. just a quick question.. not trying to stir the pot.. what happen to magister??? he was the best cat for a while

  31. feel like i watched animal crossing for half an hour, good set tho

  32. Fatality you should try to fight icemyst he's been super good lately

  33. The insanity at 1:34
    Fatality: 👁👄👁
    Skyjay: 😐

  34. 8:10 can someone clarify Fatality's explanation of the odd positioning of the model? If it "resets to where you were" that would mean that Incineroar traveled to where he appeared before getting hit, but that makes no sense. Also, he never really was in front of Falcon anyway. Can someone explain?

  35. He posted that Palu that REKT him so he naturally had to balance the force by positing this and the Ganon Ft10. lol…Falcon such a bully to heavies

  36. I literally hear him mashing down b whenever he gets touched

  37. 14:40 so close!! if skyjay had used Up-B he would have lived XD

  38. I really hope to see more offline sets against Skyjay in the future, he seems like a really good person and this matchup looks fun af

  39. He is not by far the best incineroar in the world

  40. Idk Mystery Sol gives him a run for his money. Idk who’s the better Incin.

  41. second best incineroar in the world

  42. 20:58 what was that sound

  43. The sheer number of double revenges from Skyjay makes me wonder:
    Maybe the online incineroars were just trying to game professionally.

  44. Skyjay is bomb! I can't wait to dig up more of his sets.

    Edit. Also, feck yeah Steelers!

  45. Fatality v peanut ft10

  46. Honestly this is something the FGC needs in general, such a great idea to stream/record ft10s at a local. That discrepancy between making money from streaming and having to choose to compete and make less money (usually) must really suck. But this way you get a bunch of quality matches at the tourney! This has a lot of room to go too, maybe even possible commentary (maybe amateur?) at some point. You could even take close rounds out of select ft10s and do a match analysis.
    Regardless these have been great videos/matches, keep up the great work!

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