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  1. Is this before or after fatalities tournament win against Esam?

  2. I studied this set a lot for CEO, glad it paid off 🙂

  3. At 22:25 when he did that whole setup for a play then proceeded to get up smashed I was dying 😂

  4. So you don't welcome zero back into the community, but you fuck with esam. 🤔🤔 Sounds a little hypocritical.

  5. Sad jesusichoq not here….. (Jeja only good online so not count) If nit we could have seen vs Kirby first to 10

  6. 9:33 who was playing at that time (who won in the background?)

  7. Not surprised by the comments these ppl always angry and making excuses when fatality loses "the other player is using top tier character and is carried by them!!:

  8. The audio sync is yikes.
    Like.. it's spoiling the match by listening to the audio. lol
    (like.. giving things away early, spoiling)

  9. Why that dude paint his nails lol

  10. Pikachu is so carried. Hope he gets nerfed in the final patch

  11. "And I'm a HOT six foot" lmao ESAM

  12. So what this taught us is that ESAM knows how to setup his controls in Spanish. That is some top tier skill.

  13. Damn C Falcon is carried hard by Fatality haha. Ggs.

  14. This man ESAM can 🧢 all day, but we all know Pikachu is broken as hell.

  15. Esam looks like biggest bait boy ever lok

  16. 35:33 "I think it was me and you."
    Esam IRKS me.

  17. Hey Fatality! Are you still jealous of ZeRo bc he destroyed you so many times at smash 4? I dont understand why you crying on twitter bc he returned to youtube, but a feo days before you were claiming for Nairo returning to the competitive scene. Why so contradictory man?

  18. Marss zss next 🤠

  19. 21:55 If he landed that Up smash, that would've been NASTY! Another close one at 26:42

  20. I feel like esam couldve went 10-3 if he really tried

  21. I was the 1000th like guys

  22. mic audio is desynced. otherwise sounds were fine but mic audio is at least a full second off for a good amount of the vid. 18:30 super noticable

  23. I seriously do not understand how he can tolerate this matchup, it honestly feels so bad with how often important moves whiff on pikachus recovery frames.

  24. neeroz is #1 homie

  25. How does ESAM always get away with that almost zero to death combo right at the start?

  26. What’s the song at 21:40?

  27. i havent seen fatality get dumpstered and outplayed like that in so long

  28. bro Esam just bullied the hell out of fatality

  29. Is fatality playing with a pro controller ?

  30. Wish I had a mug to hold all the Fatality Stan's tears

  31. The whiffed standing grabs on Pikachu pancaking hurts to watch lol.

  32. I feel like Fatality has a big Shlong

  33. Would be awesome if you can upload the FT10 you did with Blucas! It was a great one!

  34. la lucha se hace fatality peleaste muy bien le diste pelea .

  35. Fatality is 6'3? Damn

  36. It's inspiring how often fatality will grind out these sets against his worst matchups

  37. The mobile setup for ft10s against top players at tourneys is a game changer. We’re watching this man level up before our eyes.

  38. Fatality always plays way better in friendlies than in tournament lol

  39. ESAM is carried by pikachu. Plus he throws out every hit box imaginable

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