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Comments (39)

  1. 👏👏👏👏👏 GRANDE!!!!

  2. What do you think about the LGBT?

  3. Where can I get shrek panel v6

  4. Would you open your own hvh server?

  5. who is the best hvh youtuber in your opinion and why?

  6. onetap or neverlose

  7. 1st por que no dejas de acosarme
    2nd deja de acosarme
    3rd u are gay

  8. When more 2019 P100 Media ??

  9. 1 what’s your name
    2 how old are you
    3 where are you from

  10. shrekpanel release? or will i have to leak that

  11. what was your favorite video/ most fun to make and why?

  12. What is ur sexuality?

  13. How many private cheats do you have?

  14. give me skeet invite yes?

  15. 1. Do u have a girlfriend?
    2.where do u live/from?
    3.Where is the idea that you doing hvh video with meme instead highlights stuff like other do?

  16. P media p voice uwu

  17. What was the reason you started hvh and how did you find it?

  18. Is shrek panel for otc3 private? If so, how can i get it?

  19. 1st : are u invited in any private cheats
    2nd : do u prefer 2018 hvh more or 2019
    3rd : are you gonna do 1v1 videos with your subscribers ?

  20. How i can get gs inv?

  21. Cuando sale shrekhook pe xd

  22. is daered your father

  23. TomiHVH is a big namer amigo?

  24. show your room 👉👈

  25. how did you get into hvh?
    skeet skeet number one cheat?
    if skeet skeet isn't number one cheat what number one cheat?

  26. Are you a professional femboy HvHer?

  27. 1st: What’s shreks hotness level
    2st: Do you have a girlfriend?
    third: Ricardo is hot

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