CEO 2021 Losers Semis – Kola (Roy) vs. Fatality (Captain Falcon) SSBU Ultimate Tournament

CEO 2021 is a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament in Orlando, Florida that will be streamed live at: Brackets: #SmashUltimate #SuperSmashBros #Ultimate.

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  1. CEO 2021 is still live! Check it out here: "http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp"

  2. Fatality got his shit dogged

  3. Love watching fatality lose

  4. Let's Goo! , Kola destroying fatality!!

  5. Kola perfectly shutting down any anti sword options. Played super well.

  6. fatality only lost because roy has a weapon not fair to me🤷‍♂️. Roy is fast as well. Not balanced. Only won Because of that sword. Ridiculous

  7. Kola made fatality look like day 1 on elite smash

  8. Kola is fatality DAD

  9. Came for the Falcon, stayed for the Roy.

    Jk they both played great lol.

  10. This was hard for me to watch. I like both players a lot.

  11. jeez i don't think I've ever seen fatality b beatin this badly

  12. roy win the matchup and kola is good enough to play the optimal way consecutively

  13. Fatality is amazing.. plain and simple. Roy should beat Falcon.. players like fatality, marrs, etc.. who stick with “gimped” characters and still destroy are more impressive than people like leo who win with DLCs.. IMO. Also.. Nairo needs to make a comeback.. dude has skill

  14. Kola has def hit top 10 after this win. Maybe top 5-8 range

  15. Kola plays against Fatality a lot and he knows his style. This is definitely more player knowledge than character matchup stuff

  16. Fatality used to mop kola up too damn

  17. Y'all complain about Roy's recovery but Kola making y'all look silly

  18. Is Roy up air down air true?

  19. This is top-tier content right here. Great set. Very surprised Fatality seemed already so used to the matchup

  20. Failtality doing what he does best once again…failure

  21. people don’t give kola his props. He literally outplayed fatality, yet everyone in the comments is dick riding fatality. Someday kola will get his respect.

  22. Avenging goblin in a way lol

  23. Is Roy vs Falcon a bad mu? It looks rough! Like falcon is fast on his feet but I feel like Roy's moves are generally faster and harder hitting

  24. Kola is amazing. They was he plays with Roy is crazy

  25. I was really rooting for Fatality there but Kola plated really well. Respect man🙏.

  26. I am both a fatality supporter, and like when he loses.

  27. I like watching Kola because it's like seeing a person punch a target while really aiming far past it. It's power optimized for speed and efficiency. Fierce.

  28. Silly non sword guy, you knew what’s the result would be 😐

  29. One of THE hypes sets I’ve ever seen!

  30. Damn bro why they speedrunning

  31. 2 guys from Georgia in top 4 lets go! Back in the smash 4 days kola used to play falcon because he looked up to fatality. Now they are both competing at the top level.

  32. Kola was like, outta my way im going to grands!

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