Truck driver sentenced to 110 years in prison after fatal accident

A truck driver who stalled two years ago in Colorado, killing four people, was sentenced to 110 years in prison on Monday. In October, he was found guilty of negligent homicide and other charges on four counts. »Subscribe TODAY:» See the latest from TODAY: About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We get up every morning to give you and your family everything you need to get the day off to a good start. If it is important to you, it is important to us. We’re in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archive material and our original web series. Connect with TODAY online! Visit TODAY’s website: Find TODAY on Facebook: Follow TODAY on Twitter: Follow TODAY on Instagram: #CaughtOnCamera #Colorado #TruckDriving.

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  1. How about we hold more people accountable than just the trucker. Why was he licensed? Who licensed him? How about holding his company accountable? Why was their equipment so badly maintained? Who hired him? Who didn't verify he could actually drive? Did they verify him because he has a license from the state of texas? How about Colorado? The last runaway truck ramp (and I would know) is approximately 7 miles before the wreck? How come there is nothing further down, despite a previous wreck involving several dead horses?
    Did this guy screw up? Yeah.

  2. I didn’t know he stopped completely and made two phone calls! He definitely was at fault if he knew his brakes had a problem and he was loaded going down that hill. If you have a brake problem on a steep grade and he was still able to stop, you should’ve rode down that mountain in first gear with the engine brake high!

  3. The man was speeding. 85 mph
    Don’t want 110 years? Reduce it to life

  4. This is waaaay too much time.

  5. Maintain your truck. change your breaks. Dont cut corners just to make more money and get there faster. Otherwise youll end up in Jail for so long youll die before the sentence is finished…apparently :O…

  6. This was not just an accident. He got his job by lying about his experience, he didn't have a CDL and he didn't even know enough English to understand the highway signs that told him what to do in the event of a brake failure. Is the 110yr sentence extremely harsh? Yes, but it's not like he deserves to walk free. Even tho he severely lacked the skills necessary to do his job, he still had plenty of options to bring that rig to a stop that didn't involve slamming into a group of stopped cars.

  7. This is a civil NOT a criminal case . Let the people sue , but the driver should not be in prison .

  8. People are forgetting he was offered a plea deal which was way less jail time and declined it and took kis chances with the jury. Too late now. OOPS! 🤣

  9. 110 years are the most s2pid thing i ever heard!! Too brainy to give that, to person tryng to make a living everyday! And it may hppened to everybody.. its funny how this so called brainy judges are doing specially if the case was on media. Fame whres!!

  10. Yeah, he knew his brakes weren't working and many videos shown he had plenty of chances to get off road or on to runaway ramps but he chose to continued on on busy downhill Highway and eventually plow through slow moving traffic like it's nothing that killed 4 and injured many, this sentence is nothing, should have been intentional manslaughter for death penalty, he got an easy out

  11. Who tf is the judge👎🏿

  12. We can fix this. CANCEL COLORADO

  13. And antifa killed ppl and dont get charged! America is becoming china & north korea.

  14. Killer: 5-10 years
    Accident: 110 years

  15. Man this stuff is just a whole no 110 years??!!! There should not be that kinda of punishment possibly a punishment but not as harsh it was an accident his breaks failed and once that happens that all that can happen

  16. Have you ever been in an out of control 100,000lb vehicle, on a steep grade ? Do you believe you could think clearly under those conditions..

  17. I feel like it’s not his fault I feel like the person who gave him access to the truck should be held accountable and knew he wasn’t a well experienced driver regardless he shouldn’t get those many years.

  18. Throwing someone in prison for the rest of their life because of an accident is way to extreme. Such sentences should only apply to those who actually are evil

  19. He missed three truck stop ramps!!

  20. The man was driving 85 miles an hour in a 18 wheeler tractor trailer…… If he wasn't speeding the brakes would have never failed

  21. I read that the driver stated while being interviewed by the police that he had noticed that he had brake issues and he then pulled over on the side of the road to performed an inspection. He decided that there was no problem and started back descending down the road. then by passed run-away ramp and killed four people. The DA offered him a plead deal but he insisted he would only accept traffic tickets. He rolled the dice facing 27 counts with a jury and lost. His lawyer done him a disservice because I'm sure the DA told him what the max his client would be looking at if they go to court and his client is then found guilty.

  22. Accidents happens ,his brakes failed ,not his fault but why give him 110 years even if he was a new born those years are too much we can't even live to 110 years ,so they wanted him to die on scene ….this is heartbreaking cos anyone's brake can fail anytime

  23. It was an accident!!!

  24. Maybe if he could read English, AS REQUIRED BY THE CDL LAWS, he could have taken the runway ramp. But because he failed to take the last clear chance to avoid the wreck, he is at fault, “mechanical failure” notwithstanding.

    Yeah, his brakes failed – he was coming down the mountain too fast to begin with. His company had been hit numerous times in the previous 19 months with brake issues. Had he come down the mountain in a SANE manner, letting the engine do the work, he wouldn’t be in this situation.

    But, because he never took the time to LEARN ENGLISH, 4 people died and numerous others were injured.

  25. attempted assault – Attempts to cause or knowingly causes physical injury to another person by means of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. The thing is HE DIDNT KNOW AND IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.

  26. Even if he is guilty of reckless driving, that doesn't make him a felon. Some of the responsibility needs to be on his employer for not having drivers trained properly as well as poor vehicle maintenance procedures. I live in the NYC area, and have had several close calls with negligent truckers when poor road planning and development was also a contributing factor.

  27. This is crazy , 110 years?

  28. He made many mistakes. Mistakes that caused the death of 4 people! They should not be forgotten period! They are leaving out much that was in the court room in the bs report!!

  29. My dad drove and bus for living and he had brakes fail many times
    How he stayed live he test bus every time out and wouldn't drive if it failed
    Truck driving school failure to teach that

  30. Love how they aren't covering colorados shortage due to the truckers protest

  31. This associate of mines killed two people in a hit and run. Get caught and still only gets 4 years. This man brakes fails and he gets 110 years.

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