* TRAPPED IN THE CAMERA * Terrible Multi-Car Freeway Wreck (RAW FOOTAGE) | Los Angeles

11/30/2021 | 1:50 am | SOUTH LOS ANGELES – Raw camera footage shows the dramatic moments when 6 cars were wrecked on Autobahn 110. A single vehicle accident occurred on I-110 southbound, just above Florence Avenue. 4 more accidents occurred as a result of the first collision with several near misses. All 4 additional crashes are on camera and several near misses. A total of 6 vehicles were involved in the terrible wreck. LAFD paramedics reacted and transported a male victim and a female victim in unknown condition to the hospital. The driver of the first accident vehicle escaped from the scene on foot. Significant property damage was caused to several vehicles involved in the accident. An OnScene.TV photojournalist was traveling north on the 110 when he witnessed the first crash of a single vehicle on the south side. Several witnesses reported the first crash to CHP. The photojournalist got off the highway, drove to the accident and informed CHP about the incident. On site, the photojournalist tried to warn oncoming motorists with flashing lights and a directed headlight of the crashed vehicles, illuminating the scene, but 6 vehicles were involved in the accident. The photojournalist contacted the emergency number 911 even though the police were already on the way to inform the authorities about the involvement of other vehicles. Unfortunately, there is only so much that can be done without compromising personal safety. For licensing contact info@onscene.tv Follow our other platforms! IG – FB -.

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  1. Look how fast people drive. It’s not safe but people don’t get it until something like this happens. What’s sad is even through dangerous situations (example rain, or a car lit up to tell you there’s an accident ahead like here) people still drive super fast. This guy did the right thing shining a light on the cars yet people didn’t slow down or even try to offer help.

  2. I simple can't understand why no one was careful to flag the road. They just let more accidents happen!

  3. I have watched this twice, absolutely makes me sick to my stomach how many vehicles drive by, no one stopping, shame on those truck drivers who could have put an end to this by stopping traffic I've seen them do it. Sad to see the human race fall to this low level of concern or empathy

  4. I don't know what that driver was doing in the middle of the road… If his car had broke then he must put some sign board or any kind of reflector which makes alert to other drivers

  5. im sorry but for half of the other people i dont even feel bad they crashed…this could have been so preventable if you just kept your eyes on the road

  6. i dont drive but i dont get how other people crash into them

  7. They not try to slow down little bit huh ..what wrong with this bunch of people..how in earth they're not seeing that flashlight..


  9. Hahaha people can't drive. 🤣 Everyone in this accident was stupid.

  10. Es increible de lo estupido que es el serhumano,Aparte de no advertir con las luzes de emergencia para los que te sigan atras!! Aun se paran para ver el accidente,Hay que ser pelotudo.Obvio solo pasa esto en USA,Aca en Europa la licencia de conducir se gana con sudor y no como aya por loteria!!

  11. I guess tiktok is responsible

  12. dudes!….hazard lights are built in for a reason….

  13. Honestly if you truly watch this, it represents so much more. It's scary.

  14. Where are the street lights?? There should be streetlights on every highway in America..

  15. not a single hazard light in sight

  16. Insane how many dumb things just happened. 1. Guy is messing around in his car in the middle of the road. 2. Camera guy waits to call 911 until after ppl crashed. 3. Ppl see brake lights and make no effort to slow down.

  17. I guess nobody carries road flares to warn of danger ahead . . .

  18. A lot of ignorant armchair warriors complaining about California drivers when these five states have the highest vehicle accident death rate per 100,000: Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Wyoming and New Mexico.

  19. That's California driving for you

  20. Good LORD
    How are so many idiots allowed to drive 2 ton cruise missiles?
    Situational awareness, good eyesight, reflexes, knowing how to control your car, etc. ALL required.

  21. Should’ve had their hazards on, but you can tell that first car wasn’t even looking up since the breaks were never hit. Y’all mfs need to NOT stop in the only road there is and keep driving unless you have something to actually offer like a medical background.

  22. Highway lights required here😊

  23. You can blame the drivers, but it likely isn't their fault. If everyone of having near misses , it shows something else is the issue, most likely lighting.

  24. California drivers… Only worried about themselves and will do anything and everything to get where they're going with no regards to others. They cut you off, drive reckless, drive down the shoulder in traffic jams, have no idea how to merge… the list goes on. "Who the fuck cares if you die on the road because I can't drive? I gotta get to the grocery store! It closes in 8 hours!"

  25. I just want to know, please tell me that there were no fatalities?

  26. Fucking worst Police Orders

  27. This is why I love NOT driving lol

  28. This video has me shopping for road flares now

  29. I just dont understand why the guy got back in the car. I knew that was going to happen! Yes the response time was ridiculous 🙄

  30. Wtf does that cop just sit there and not block that area up.

  31. following distance, attention, awareness! It seems that none of them

  32. It shocks me that nobody stopped, turned their hazard lights on and tried to help??

  33. Horrible, horrible driving!!

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