What can m0NESY G2 offer by 2022?

Almost four and a half years.

It’s been that long since the G2 organization last claimed a Big Event trophy in Counter-Strike “⁠KennyS⁠” Scrub in every grand finale.

A slow spiral ensued that included many roster changes as the team struggled to find their identity. At the end of 2019, the organization finally gave up its hopes for an entirely French project and signed Nemanja “⁠Nexa⁠” Isaković and Nemanja “⁠HuNter-⁠” Kovač, but an improvement in results didn’t really follow until Nikola’s blockbuster signing “⁠NiKo⁠” Kovač almost a year later. Even then, titles at the biggest events have escaped the team, and G2 CEO Carlos “Ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago is no longer satisfied with waiting for the team to improve over time.

Enter 16 year old child prodigy Ilya “⁠M0NESY⁠” Osipov.

m0NESY is pushed into level 1 Counter-Strike with G2

The NAVI Junior Superstar was one of the most discussed young talents in 2021 and hired Aleksandr. on “⁠S1mple⁠” Kostyliev-esque numbers in the WePlay Academy League, both online and offline, as well as in a number of online tournaments throughout the year. Of course, performance predictions are high for the youngster as he prepares to move up to G2 in the New Year, a commitment the team hopes will finally get the firepower to beat Natus Vincere by 2022.

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m0NESY on G2 deal completed – report

With that in mind, let me soften your prospects a little, but still give hope for a much more competitive G2 line-up next year.

It should go without saying, but it’s not often that players who tear up the tier 2 scene move up to tier one and keep the same numbers. The absolute increase in level of play across the board, the constant barrage of grenades to counter you, and hours of individual anti-strat research that top teams employ these days make it so incredibly difficult to maintain that form.

In fact, very few names come to mind who have managed to return to their previous level without months of practice, if at all, despite two recent outliers, Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut and Valeriy “⁠B1T⁠” Vakhovskiy, have shattered that illusion and apparently led the public to often expect greatness from the ascenders. But these two are just that – outliers. It would be stupid to instill this consistency in most talent, and there are many more players who have not been able to match their level as they advance into the top ranks of Counter-Strike.

Now don’t get me wrong, m0NESY could certainly turn out to be contrary to what was said above and become another shining CIS breakout star in the Tier 1 scene, but the idea that it will happen instantly is misguided. While its reported price of $ 600,000 brings a number of expectations, this investment is in both the form m0NESY unveiled last year (1.36 rating, 1.42 impact) and the promise of improvement in the Future.

See, G2 doesn’t need m0NESY to instantly create S1mpl or ZywOo level numbers as some believe it will, or even need it to be that high. A consistent AWPer who excels in this role and has the mindset to take it on is one of the most important factors the team has been missing over the past year, and that’s exactly what the 16-year-old can bring with him straight away.

Since NiKo joined the team, G2 has not had an AWPer who can stand up to the top competition and who is also not a constant force on the server. kennyS has had a happy phase since the Bosnian was accepted and before his own removal from the grid, despite occasional flashes of form, with an average rating of 1.02 over seven events (125 days, 63 tickets). Likewise François “⁠AmaNEk⁠” Delaunay has had a tough time since picking up the sniper, getting an average rating of 1.01 over 16 events (288 days, 171 maps).

AmaNEk’s AWPing leaves a lot to be desired for a team looking to compete for Tier 1 trophies

But look past the rating and delve into each player’s opening stats, one of the most important perks an AWPer can get on a team at the start of a round, and it creates a clearer picture of the kind of impact G2 is missing has. kennyS had an opening kill ratio of 1.19 (successful in 166 of 305 attempts), while AmaNEk did worse with 0.94 (434/894 attempts). Conversely, top AWPers, even those who haven’t had outstanding years like s1mple and ZywOo, regularly achieve more than 1.40 ratios with even more duels and are more often successful in their attempts to improve 5vs4.

Although m0NESY plays at a much lower level, it is very clear from the eye test and the look at the statistics that m0NESY is more than comfortable with this particular task and has a ratio of 1.92 (477/725 attempts) in 2021 , if not even known for its aggression, but rather for its consistency. In addition, the AWP is his main role, which he already has experience in and where he can develop his skills over time as he gains level 1 experience, and he is also an excellent rifleman. m0NESY’s dependable performance with the sniper, combined with his efficiency in the role itself and his ability to work well with other weapons in hand, makes him a standout piece for the team to continue building over the next year, even if its numbers fall slightly from the current one.

AmaNEk just wasn’t the man to fill the void for G2 as he was forced to pick up the sniper, one of the toughest roles in the first stage of Counter-Strike and one that requires a certain mentality to excel Aspect that even nexa admitted in a September interview that the team had difficulty adjusting.

“AmaNEk understands the role, but he’s more of a support player, which I think is his own choice because he’s not yet comfortable being a star AWPer who does all the crazy pieces and does that, what you see s1mple or ZywOo doing, “explained the G2 captain at the time.” He’s not there yet, but I know he’s working hard and I’ve seen glimpses of his skills and we’re trying to go in one direction , in which we give it more space to shine more and to take on more responsibility.

“Our team and every team is structured so that you have two players to play with and the other guys are the supporting characters who just support and do their job. It is very difficult for us to play around the AWPer as we already have the two guys from Kovač and we are trying to play around them and give them the most space. Over time, I’d personally like to give AmaNEk more space and make him our Star AWPer when he’s up to the task, but we’ll see that in time. “

NiKo, huNter- and m0NESY form a terrifying trio on the way to 2022

This particular mindset is not easy to pick up or easy to learn in the blink of an eye to compete at the top. Turning a supportive element of the team into a star AWPer ready to take on opening duels is a huge task for any team without a primary AWPer anymore.

With m0NESY in tow, the European Combine wins a crucial contribution that can add significant firepower to its playbook and ultimately enable it to take home major trophies even if it only maintains 85% of its current form. The rumored addition of Rémy “⁠XTQZZZ⁠” Quoniam as a coach also offers a crucial blessing to the youngster, an experienced coach who has proven his ability to nurture talent with vitality.

NiKo’s elite level in shooting has already brought G2 to the brink of victory, and a revitalized G2 with a constant AWPer and a possible breakout star is an exciting prospect for the new year. But for the team, the consistent presence of a primary sniper will be key to getting on the right footing in the New Year, and should the 16-year-old’s skills continue to blossom in the first tier … an explosive year.

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