LeoN vs Fatality – Ultimate Singles: Top 128 – Port Priority 6 | Bowser versus Cpt Falcon

SSG LeoN (Bowser) vs FURIA Fatality (Cpt Falcon) – Ultimate Singles Winners Quarter Finals – Pool X1 – Port Priority 6 Follow Port Priority on social media: Twitter: Follow BTS on social media: Twitch: Twitter: Discord : Facebook: Instagram: Website:.

Comments (20)

  1. leon has to have the most intimidating playstyle i've ever seen

  2. Jeez Leon dun leveled up.

  3. the technicality of both these players is insane

  4. SD’ing with Bowser is so soft

  5. LEON es mi pinche ídolo ALV. Es una maestro con Bowser

  6. Bowser carries players harder than Joker

  7. 3:48

  8. Is 6th port named after how many times mario kart has been released on a Nintendo console

  9. This is one of those sets where fatality literally forgot that side b exists lol

  10. I main Bowser with Dedede as a secondary. I can safely say 49% of the game is all metal. You need a lot of patience and you need to be able to get consistent reads

  11. Bruh these tournament titles need work lol. You'd think he'd lost at the start of top 128

  12. Leon is so cute and I love his bowser play! Good job

  13. 3:30 why did Bowser have 2 double jumps after his air dodge?

  14. Bowser side b cringe

  15. My two favorite players! Honestly happy to see Bowser win against Falcon, usually heavies get bodied.


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  17. Was rooting for leon I like fatality as well but bowser is the boss and needs to win lol, 3:31 can someone explain I thought bowser only has 1 jump he jumped twice in the air wtf?

  18. I feel like nickcs play style would work better against Leon

  19. Hearing the Commentators says fatality has control of bowscide, is wild. Smash 4 it was percentage wise, this game it’s bowser. You have almost no control of that. Fatality been in the scene for such a long time. He would of avoid it if he could of

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