How to beat Pikachu.

Fatality goes into detail about how he defeated his bracket demon ESAM in the Captain Falcon versus Pikachu matchup that many people consider to be one of his worst! Check out Fatality’s merch! Follow the cause of death! (if you want). Clips Channel: Follow the Editor! Thumbnails of Bijou Outro Song Credits: If you would like to donate to support me directly, check out this link, thank you very much! Alternatively, there is my Patreon, if you don’t have a Twitch account, which I basically only use as a donation add-on to my Streamlabs page. : p Link to the Patreon here: #SmashUltimate #CaptainFalcon #FURIA.

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  1. It’s crazy how advanced and serious that what most some parents see as a childish hobby or just a hobby

  2. You are a machine! Favorite player to watch

  3. Pikachu used to be my main which is why I call myself LyndonYRB(Yellow Rat Bastard) but seeing you beat Esam as Falcon main has motivated me!

  4. No one:

    Fatality: “…So the reason-“😭

  5. It’s incredible seeing fatality grow with falcon but it’s all pretty incredible seeing how much more confident he’s grown socially! All around growth for this giy

  6. 16:40 Falcon Kick may be risky if whiffed, but it's still a frame 13 option. When used correctly, it can not be reacted to, and is super strong.

  7. So refreshing to see smash content that we can actually learn from, where the player does more than just give out self-back pats and their most intelligent thought is saying "lets gooooo" after every interaction.

  8. Even tho Fatality was playing good during that set. I can’t help but feel as if Esam was constantly throwing that set.

  9. Conditioned him in that ft10

  10. When I first saw this set I skipped it because I said “oh I don’t wanna see fatality lose.” When I heard you won I had to save this. Awesome work

  11. So sdi pika bair up?

  12. I miss back in the tr4sh days were fatality would literally meditate between games 🧘‍♀️

  13. I'm a Ganondorf main and I honestly find the Pikachu MU extremely fun, it tests how well you can adapt to the character's nuances and readjust your gameplay to focus less on nair and more on downtilts and antiairs, I think complaining about the MU (Or any MU for that matter) would only be a negative impact on your growth as a player

  14. Yo! I was waiting for your analysis of this match! I was so happy watching this live! Esam is such a POS person in real life

  15. You are not going to the SWT LCQ???

  16. I secondary pika and he’s amazing I love him but he’s light, Its pretty tough to live past 100% and he can get completely shut out by swordies with good spacing

  17. Fkn legend… esam is so weird there’s so many things about him

  18. Your grindset is super inspiring, Fatality. The way you view every aspect of the game as optimizable, from your own character's tech to the most feared matchups and gameplans in the game, as well as your crazy knowledge of the game, it makes me want to get grinding right away. Congrats on the big placement, and here's hoping a major win comes your way one of these days!

  19. as a pikachu main i learned so much though this video. it’s so crazy how many options each character covers. it’s kinda sick

  20. It's the thing that almost made me not want to get back into smash when ultimate was announced. At the time I was really young and couldn't really go to locals so I had to play online and converse with people online and all anybody does is complain no matter what it's about. People think because they bought a gamecube controller and adaptor that their takes on the game are absolute. It's always a player vs player game and there is always room for you to win if you play well enough.

  21. Pikachu is so small to hit. That’s a other problem. They should somehow make his body fatter or something

  22. This mu isn’t hard for me, but I’ve never really played an higher level pika, the mu is still easy because my character has many options to beat him

  23. Love bracket analysis videos like this. Would love to see these more!

  24. I would love to see you play against Tsu

  25. That's fatality for ya

  26. 38:31 I'm actually amazed to hear that this bair was intentional, that absolutely shook ESAM to his core, and me too

  27. His recoveries were god like!

  28. As someone with a pocket Pikachu myself what you said about him is so true it hurts. Everybody complains about Pikachu and thinks "lol best char so broken can't do anything against him 0-death every stock so carried smdh hate that yellow rat omfg" when they're really just talking about ESAM, literally the #1 Pikachu main and the only one you see consistently doing all the crazy stuff people complain about… and yet he rarely wins tournaments and sometimes doesn't make top 8 so either no one knows how to play Pika to his fullest potential and win every tournament ORRRRRR he's actually not that bad but no one knows the matchup well enough to not get bodied lol

  29. where tf is the gluttony ft10

  30. very insightful analysis! well played I popped off when you won aha

  31. Keep up the good work fatality and congrats.

  32. Damn esam really shoulds went boxing ring

  33. 22:20 Bruh I main Bowser (Captain Falcon Secondary)

  34. Yooo can't wait for the chronos ft10!

  35. Fatality is right that the matchup isn't that bad, but it isn't just because people aren't learning the matchup, but also because of the buffs. Imagine trying to fight Pikachu without ANY of the patches. In this game, they removed tech check. They buffed up smash as a really early kill option. They made Raptor Boost a combo tool. They removed endlag on dash attack. These tools made it so that Captain Falcon is harder to edge guard, and easier to combo and kill Pikachu. Without these tools, Pikachu probably just massacres Captain Falcon.
    Improvements in the meta also helped, with the discovery of multiple tech like IDJ and NIL. People complained that Pikachu didn't receive any nerfs, but because he didn't get ANY changes and pretty much stayed the same, Pikachu was effectively nerfed by two things: people learning how to play against him, and every other character getting buffed with tools to fight him. And in this case, went from 7-3 Pika favored to either 6-4 to 5.5-4.5 Pika, and the Pikachu can't make ANY mistakes or will just get combo'd to death.

  36. Esam tried to go boxing ring on you

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