Accept Europe’s BEST – Glutonny vs Fatality FT10

Fatality, the best Captain Falcon in the world, competes against Glutonny, the best Wario in the world and the best player in Europe, in a First to Ten at the CEO 2021. Check Out Fatality’s Merch! Follow the cause of death! (if you want). Clips Channel: Follow the Editor! Thumbnails of Bijou Outro Song Credits: If you would like to donate to support me directly, check out this link, thank you very much! Alternatively, there is my Patreon, if you don’t have a Twitch account, which I basically only use to add donations to my Streamlabs page. : p Link to the Patreon here: #SmashUltimate #CaptainFalcon #FURIA.

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  1. Yo, you posted all of these on twitter? These are fantastic. Love the advice from Gluto at the end in this one.

  2. Also it was pretty even until the turnaround in game 7. Maybe that loss psyched him out.

  3. I appreciate how he posts videos of him losing…even badly like in this set. And then was humble enough to include his conversation with Glutto afterwards. I haven’t seen a single player do that. Because he is willing to take advice and learn, I think Fatality will be a top 5 player in the world within the next year. He’s already one of favs to watch. Love your content Bro, keep working!

  4. I loved the advice at the end

  5. Proper lad that guy Gluto

  6. 3:23 what the actual fuck

  7. Watching Fatality's hands during the set makes no sense. Is he using his left hand to press right hand buttons or am I crazy?

  8. Man Gluttony is SO Broken!!!

  9. Cool set between 2 awesome players, love it ! Thx Fatality.

  10. Its all about the mix-ups, even the mental ones

  11. He gave fatality great advise there

  12. In my eyes, fatalities willingness to ask for pointers at the end shows the true heart of a champion and a winner. Well done bro.

  13. Insane players, really nice set

  14. GGs. Gluto's an amazing player.

  15. I love how they keep trying to footstool each other at ledge lol
    This set was really scrappy
    Fatality kept drifting back after airdodging offstage which you can't really blame
    Wario's big stinky foot covers that
    (Didn't know wario f-air could send behind)

  16. I call this the funny noise matchup

  17. Gg's and advices. Really good reward!

  18. He Fatality spawned at 82 percent at 28:04 🤮🤢

  19. Gluttony is crazy man. Props to fatality for being so humble and asking for advice (sign of a truly good competitor) Love these two players.

  20. I will never get tired of Gluttony. It helps that wario have one of the best animations in the whole roster.

  21. William looking at the side everytime he lands a kill.

  22. "You're trying to go to much for the reward without really thinking about the risk."
    Says Gluto to a Falcon player. Lol XD.
    Very fun to watch.

  23. Fatality really too aggressive at time up smashing at time when not needed instead of getting more stage control

  24. I love videos like these man. Especially with my European brethren Gluto!
    Also the advice at the end would apply to Marss as well I think. Great set guys and I hope you took his advice to heart. Being aggressive is definitely a "know exactly when"-thing. You're amazing though Fatality, just when fighting the top 5 in the world you will probably be dissected more. So expect that, great advice imo.

  25. Once I seen fatality switch characters.. I was like Gluttony is in his head . This was a great fucking set nonetheless both players are monsters at the game.

  26. Glutto was looking over his shoulder the whole first match lol

  27. 5:49 Fatality was pixels off getting hit by the 0-to-death that knocked Nairo out of Genesis 7 lol

  28. Gluto is just in another level. Sheesh.

  29. Thanks for the video Fatality! Great set!

    Two things I noticed and please take with a grain of salt, is that you throw out up smashes frequently and rarely does it capitalize. I think in the most recent matches I've seen you in, I don't recall many punishes being executed by up smash, more like you are getting punished for using it.

    Secondly, I feel you are too afraid of engaging by the ledge when Glutonny was hanging. Instead you'd back off and give him space which to me allows for more options for Glutonny to get back on stage without punishment. With Kola against Glutonny, Kola seemed to stand right on the edge to apply ledge pressure and I think it paid off for him overall.

    Anyways, that's my observations and I hope it can be of some help!

  30. Gluto is a solid guy. Nice to give helpful advice. Friend that guy.

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