SWT Championship LCQ Top 16 – Skyjay (Incineroar) vs. Fatality (Captain Falcon) SSBU Ultimate

The Smash World Tour Championship is a Smash Ultimate tournament with the best players in the world. Top players have qualified through several events to take part in the SWT championship. The SWTC is offering over $ 150,000 in prize money! The event was streamed: You can watch the clip here: Follow the Smash World Tour on Twitter: #SmashUltimate #SuperSmashBros #Ultimate.

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  1. The Smash World Tour Championship is still live! Check it out here: "http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp"

  2. 0:52 the dragon balls ain't bringing him back after that

  3. Took em out 💪🏾😤

  4. I feel like I’m watching a player from the old generation vs a player from the new generation. Skyjay trying to prove himself that he belongs in the big leagues to an old player like Fatality. It’s beautiful and nostalgic.

  5. Incineroar vs. Falcon is one of my favorite MUs to watch

  6. Sky jay putting in mad work! The whole time fatality this and that lmao smh bro 😎 sky jay was whooping him the whole time. Stop playing with em!

  7. Skyjay is absolutely the best incin in the world. He consistently takes on the best and makes my main look godlike doing it

  8. LMAO hell yeah incineroar mains rise up

  9. My god what did I just watch

  10. Just a amazing set between these two!

  11. One mistake cost the set. The moment that happened my nerves were shot.

  12. THIS WAS SO FUCKING HYPE BRO!!!!!!! I'm fucking shaking with adrenaline 🤣 cap falc and incineroar epic

  13. yo this is the wackest commentary, is it always like this?

  14. think of what they could accomplish if they played a real game

  15. When 2 characters with no projectiles fight its always good unless 1 of them is sonic

  16. fatality with the frame 1 head shake. lmao

  17. Sometimes, two players collectively decide to create an extremely hype set, with two characters that aren't considered the best by any means

  18. Was gonna say he never onda counters but he won anyway.. says a lot about me as an incineroar

  19. This is PEAK Smash Ultimate.

    nothing but absolute hype.

  20. Bruh I popped off on that last back air. Sick set 🔥

  21. Fatality is not a top player. Yes, he’s the best falcon but his lack of results speak for themselves. Dude can’t make SWT and then chokes low in Last Chance Qualifier. Shoutout to Jay for the exhibition.
    *Go ahead and use whatever ad-hominem attack you want on me. It has nothing to do with the results: Fatality lost and is out. DEAL WITH IT

  22. What a set.

    The best smash is when things are close. And this match was back-and-forth every moment.

    Amazing show from both players

  23. Let's fkn gooo Skyjay!!!!

  24. It’s so satisfying seeing a Falcon lose

  25. Fatality is my favorite but he gives you such blue balls sometimes smfh 2 zero to death in one match then lose like dude!. He is such an wildcard

  26. I like Fatality the most
    From Japanese

  27. 3:37 possibly the greatest commentary ever

  28. Damn, didn't expect that.


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