CEO 2021 Top 8 – Fatality (Captain Falcon) vs. ESAM (Pikachu) SSBU Ultimate Tournament

CEO 2021 is a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament in Orlando, Florida that will be streamed live at: Brackets: #SmashUltimate #SuperSmashBros #Ultimate.

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  1. CEO 2021 is still live! Check it out here: "http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp"

  2. Lets fucking gooooo fatality, esam is a trash player who gets carry by pikachu. If you play pikachu and loose you’re trash

  3. Pikachu used to be my main which is why I call myself LyndonYRB(Yellow Rat Bastard) but seeing Fatality beat Esam as Falcon main has motivated me!


  5. top tier commentary ngl

  6. ESAM the most overrated player since light. But at least light keeps his mouth shut and plays the game.

  7. Smash players are so corny I love it

  8. All question should be gone: Fatality is not only the best Falcon, innovative and consistent, but he is clearly a top player with a big role in defining this meta.

  9. literally the only thing that could have made this set better was a falcon punch

  10. Esam is so cocky. Glad fatality shut him down!

  11. Yeah let’s be real Fatality of god like but there is no situation where ESAM should lose this mu, it’s borderline unplayable. He got unlucky a lot but I’m just happy to see ESAM lose, he has bigging himself up since the beat Leo and hopefully the last few tournaments take him back down to earth.

  12. The evil has been defeated

  13. Godlike. no offense to Pika fans out there but I was happy someone beat that Thunder Rat and HE did it with CAPTAIN FALCON!!! GGs to both though. set was amazing

  14. Congrats man, despite the odds you never loosed your faith in falcon and managed to win this set. Props to Esam too great gameplay as always

  15. Respect the fact that ESAM has remained and stayed as a strong presence in this community despite how much they hate him. Everyone makes mistakes.

  16. Fatality did a lot to win these matches, but hands down one of the most impressive was spacing around quick attack. Managed to avoid both hits by just a few frames, letting him whiff punish. Fatality out spaced and out planned ESAM

  17. woulda been better if he went boxing ring. either way, absolute masterclass by Fatality.

  18. CF最強!ナイスふぇいたりてぃ

  19. That rat's recovery is ridiculous. I'm so glad Fatality kicked his ass

  20. Fantastic run from both of them! I was personally rooting for Esam but they both did splendidly.

  21. Wait esam allowed in?

  22. Hell yeah. Well deserved. Hate Pikachu lol

  23. Who were the announcers?

  24. I guess being from FL doesn't mean you have a home field advantage…or their support from the crowd

  25. This makes me want to play Captain Falcon and also makes me want to never play Captain Falcon.

  26. Now I wanna see Fatality do a “how I destroyed ESAM at CEO” the same way están did about Leo lmfao

  27. Props to esam for clearly being happy for fatality that he played so well too

  28. BRO Fataility air dodged up, then drifted into T-jolt to cancel the lag and recovered on stage from super far away

  29. Esam jumps from ledge for the 200th time in a row

    Fatality: "Boi I'm not going to let that slide"

  30. What an amazing set!

  31. Fatality go BOXINGRING !!! hyped matches

  32. 14:07 crazy awareness by fatality

  33. I use to like ESAM but now I'm always rooting against him. GO FATALITY!!!!!

  34. Fatality is gaining massive ground 2020 & 2021 his training has paid off big time.

  35. Epic SKRRRT from Haz as expected

  36. Mann that entrance from fatality is all I needed to see 😂

  37. Guess you could say that Gentlemen was SUPER EFFECTIVE!!!

  38. Esam should’ve gone boxing ring

  39. These are GODS at play haha

  40. so glad I got to see this set in-person, CFL crowds are WILD lol

  41. That was insane!!! Legendary falcon 🦅

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