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Zendaya is talking about Dune Part 2 and Timothée Chalamet is a hype

Zendaya was late for the party at Arrakis, her character Chani didn’t appear seriously until the last act of Dennis Villeneuve’s acclaimed epic, but she’s looking forward to making up for lost time. Deadline’s new cover story goes deep about where Dune part 2 is now at stake: the point is to have a worm-sized success and lose another.

While the sequel to Dune will be an ensemble, perhaps no one will be as crucial to the movie’s success as Zendaya, who plays Chani. She’s a love interest for Timothée Chalamets Paul Atredies, but that barely begins to describe her role. While Chani plays a small role Dune part one, explains Zendaya how she quickly got used to a cast, most of which was formed when she arrived.

“I met everyone in the still suits. So it was a really cool way to be introduced to everyone, pretty much in character, ”she tells Deadline. She also credits director Denis Villeneuve who “is great at giving you structure but also giving you freedom within that structure”.

And what Second part, she has simple reasons to be excited. “I can be there longer, that’s cool,” she jokes and follows the understatement with real promise. Zendaya says the hiatus between films will allow her to grow with her character so that she can make Spider-Man films almost one at a time. “It was cool for me to see the film from a completely new perspective as I wasn’t there for most of the first shoot because I hadn’t seen the sets and the scenes for most of the film. And it felt like it was just the beginning of this story. “

Even though we didn’t get much of Zendaya in the first film, Chalamet says that her character is already fully formed and alive. A sequel would just give her more room to breathe that sweet flavor.

“She is Chani, and it’s incredible to see it, ”says the actor. “She was that character from the start and it was inspiring to see her. I love the take in the film where Chani pulls down the mask for the first time; it feels really momentous. But even that day it was like Holy shit, Chani has arrived. There is the book and there have been other adaptations, but not only was the relationship between us alive in Jordan, and it not only lives on the screen now, it was there when we first read Chemistry. It felt obvious. “

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet visit at dune Demonstration in London
Photo by Samir Hussein / WireImage

The Deadline story breaks down some of the bigger decisions Villeneuve and producer Mary Parent made regarding the project, including filming each part separately and choosing to have the film streamed and in theaters at the same time. As Villeneuve said in an interview with Christopher Nolan earlier this year (recorded for the Director’s Guild podcast), his hope was to make both films back-to-back … but it would have been a huge mistake, too. Warner Bros. ultimately didn’t choose – the director’s previous film, Blade Runner 2042 Not good enough at the box office to inspire confidence to make a movie and a sequel in one fell swoop – but Villeneuve was grateful that they urged him to take his time with a movie.

“I would have died,” admitted Villeneuve, saying that a film is physically and mentally exhausting enough. “I’m so glad we didn’t. I wouldn’t have the stamina for that. To be honest, I’m grateful that it happened that way. “

And at Deadline, Villeneuve says the choice is to do part One would also serve his vision for the eventual publication of Second part. These are great films that deserve a big screen.

“There’s something about the performance of the big screen and sound system that you can’t find at home. It almost becomes spiritual because you suddenly become one with an audience, which is what people need. I think we are not meant to be isolated. We are meant to share together. And cinema is really one of the last places that can happen, ”he says.

The unprecedented nature of the pandemic created a “delicate” situation that the director began to respect. Streaming is “not the ideal way to see the movie and the movie shouldn’t be seen on a television screen”. But, as Parent notes, “we’d already sat on the film for a year, so it was very stressful thinking about sitting on it for another year.”

The greatest stress now comes from “bringing all of these people together” for Second part, those people are Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Bardem and Jason Momoa to name a few. It’s a problem that stems from each part being rotated separately, which was a problem that parents described as a lack of resources.

“We’re not a Marvel movie and we didn’t have a Marvel budget,” she says, adding, “At $ 165 million, we’re on the smaller side of a big movie.” In connection with the cost of producing a current Marvel image, Eternal, was pinned at around $ 200 million.

But now that dune proved to be a hit, the sequel will move closer to the decisions made by Villeneuve. For starters, that means an exclusive 45-day cinema release window. “It was a non-negotiable condition for me,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in October, although he stressed that streaming is a “fantastic way to revisit films or discover films from the past that aren’t in theaters are more accessible ”.

Although it will be a challenge “to stay in the same spirit as part Onewhile he is still trying to bring something new into the film, ”Villeneuve seems enthusiastic about returning to his desert, his arrakis, his dune. “Dune: part 2 is a baby that has just been conceived. We don’t know yet if it’s a boy or a girl, ”he told The Hollywood Reporter. Filming is scheduled to begin in autumn 2022.

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