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The absolute 10 best Black Friday deals on PS5 and PlayStation

PlayStation fans, this Black Friday is the time to keep things simple. There are plenty of incredible PS5 and PlayStation deals out there right now, but if you’re looking for a quick guide to PS5 discounts this Black Friday then look no further.

This is a no-nonsense zone, just pure deals on the best PS5 and PlayStation games, accessories, memberships, and more. We even added a short TL; DR for those who don’t always have the time to go through the entire article.

TL; DR – Top 10 PS5 Deals

1. PlayStation Plus 12-month membership for $ 39.99 (save $ 20)

PlayStation Plus 12 months

It’s the clear favorite for PS5 and PlayStation users this Black Friday. We all have to renew our PS Plus membership every year, and there’s no better time to do that than during Black Friday sales.

PlayStation Plus gives you free access to brand new games every month, such as Knockout City, First Class Trouble and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning in November. It also provides access to cloud storage and online multiplayer access for games like Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, and more.

2.Deathloop for $ 24.99 on Amazon (save $ 35)

Death loop

Deathloop is absolutely one of the best games of the year, we even rated it 10/10 in our test. Given how well the game has been rated, this is an absolute bargain and well worth getting for your PS5.

This discount has become one of the most popular deals this Black Friday too – and it’s a discount for you not want to miss.

3.Perfect PS5 SSD 1TB with heat sink for $ 129.99 (was $ 159.99)

XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade 1 TB PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD (up to 7400 MB / s)

PS5 compatible

XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade 1 TB PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD (up to 7400 Mbit / s)

Including heat sink.

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your PS5’s memory. Fortunately, the upgrade is easy to perform, and you can install a new M.2 2280 SSD straight into the console (see our guide here).

Our current favorite PS5 SSD storage offering is the XPG 1TB with heatsink, which is just $ 129.99, an incredibly affordable price considering that close competition is around $ 250 for a heatsink SSD lie.

4. Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy for $ 24.99 (save $ 35)

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4)

Black Friday offer

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4)

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5)

Black Friday offer

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5)

When you consider that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is an entirely new game, this is an incredible drop in price. It’s not that the game is bad either, we rated it 8/10 in our test.

In my humble opinion this is a no-brainer, Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best games of the year, it looks spectacular and it’s the perfect, fun and energetic experience to play on PS5 or PS4.

5.Fifa 22 dropped to $ 34.99 for Black Friday (save $ 35)

FIFA22 (PS5)

This is an incredible deal for the brand new iteration of FIFA 22, which drops to just $ 35 on Black Friday sales. That’s $ 35 off the original list price. This is the perfect holiday timepiece for any sports fanatic, and you’ll thank yourself for waiting until Black Friday to pick up a copy on PS5 or PS4.

6. DualSense Wireless Controller + NBA 2K21 Jumpstart Bundle for $ 55

PS5 DualSense Controller + NBA 2K21 Jumpstart Bundle

We’re not seeing many DualSense deals this Black Friday so this seems like the best we are getting. To be fair, it’s actually a pretty good deal, which is why we’re adding it to our list of top deals. $ 54.99 for a new controller, not bad at all on Black Friday.

7.Resident Evil Village reduced to $ 19.99 (was $ 59.99)

Resident Evil Village

Another incredible game from 2021 has seen a massive reduction for Black Friday, with Resident Evil Village dropping to just $ 19.99 for PS4 and PS5. Village is one of the most critically acclaimed games of the year and it’s definitely worth losing $ 20 on it.

8.WD_Black 850 1TB SSD for PS5 now $ 149.99 (was $ 229.99)

WD Black SN850 1TB SSD (PS5)

Another incredible SSD deal for your PS5, this time around is the WD Black 850 1TB. This is a fantastic SSD expansion drive that will work wonders with your glamorous PS5. One thing just make sure you purchase a heat sink separately as this SSD doesn’t contain one.

9.Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Now $ 49.99 (save $ 20)

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5)

Absolutely one of the best games of the year fell to just $ 50. Considering it was $ 70 when it launched this year, this is an incredible deal and worth considering for your PS5 trip over the holidays.

10.NBA 2K22 down to $ 34.99 for PS5 (or $ 24.99 for PS4)

NBA-2K22 (PS5 / PS4)

Black Friday offer

NBA 2K22 (PS5 / PS4)

PS4 copy available for $ 24.99.

Another standout deal for PS5 and PlayStation users, with one of the biggest games of the year, NBA 2K22, now at just $ 34.99 on PS5 for Black Friday. If you’re looking for a PS4 copy, you can pick it up for just $ 24.99 instead. What offer!

The best Black Friday deals and sales

There you have it, these were our top 10 absolute best PS5 and PlayStation deals for Black Friday 2021. Hope you broke some of the deals on this shopping event and helped keep things calm and clear for you keep.

If you’re interested in any of our other Black Friday content, check it out using our links below. Can you find something you like in this article? Let us know in the comments.

Robert Anderson is the deal expert and commerce editor for IGN. You can follow him @ robertliam21 on twitter.

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