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Tera Update 1.83 meets PS4 Stigma Excellence Package, new events

Bluehole Studio has the. released Tera update 1.83 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which has support for a range of new elements and events. You can read it on the Tera patch notes under.

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Global: 14:00 ~ 18:00 (KST) / 5:00 ~ 9:00 (UTC)

Maintenance will take place on November 25th.

Please check the maintenance schedule to avoid possible inconvenience.

The maintenance premium for this period is:

“[Event] ELITE status gold 3 days ”

“[Event] Superior Noctenium Elixir x 10 “

“[Event] Stigma Chest x 10 & [Event] Stigma chest [Premium] x 1 “

“[Event] 5 level up scroll x 1 inch

“Rainbow bait x 10 “

“Battle Pass Level +5 x 1”

“[Event] Lamb Bulgogi x 10 “

“Fish donut x 10 “

“Gold bar x 5 “

“Complete crystal bond x 3 “

“Fermented Moonlight Fruit x2”

“Philter of Valor” x 10 “

“Obsidian dragon armor box (14 days)”

“Flying Skill: Dark flight [Non-battle] (14 days)”

This will be given once per account to all players who log in within 7 days of maintenance.

Thanks very much.

We would like to introduce the new article for November week 4.

Stigma Excellent Package

Price: 590 TERA coin

Green & Turquoise Random Hair Dyes

Price: 250 TERA coin

Dyeable school girl outfit (Elin) Lootbox

Price: 200 TERA coin

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