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Resident Evil: Raccoon City after the credits teases the director’s dream sequel

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is a hard reboot for the movie franchise based on Capcom’s survival horror games. The bloody back-to-basics film has no connection with the Paul WS Anderson-led, Milla Jovovich-starred sextet of Resident Evil films that hit theaters between 2002 and 2016. Welcome to Raccoon City is instead an adaptation of the first two video games in the franchise by director Johannes Roberts, who tells Polygon that he wanted to “do” [Resident Evil] scary again. “

The new film features well-known Resident Evil characters like Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker – and some lesser-known faces like Lisa Trevor – in familiar locations (e.g. police station). Roberts doesn’t intend to stop with just one Resident Evil movie – he wants to get on with the events of. move on to new chapters of the game stories Resident Evil 4 and Code: Veronica in the foreground of the director’s thinking.

[Ed. note: This story contains potential spoilers for Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.]

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City sets the future of the film franchise with a post-credits sequence in which Wesker’s first personal meeting with his mysterious customer Ada Wong takes place.

Wong, played by actress Lily Gao, has a tiny role in Welcome to Raccoon City, despite their large franchise presence and notoriety in Resident Evil 2, the videogame. After the movie ends and Wesker is thought dead, we finally get a glimpse of Ada, the one who pulled Wesker’s strings off-screen and gave him information for his mission, the Umbrella Corporation’s T-Virus for a rival company to salvage (only known in the Games as The Organization).

Tom Hopper as Albert Wesker in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Image: Screen Gems

Here Wesker, played by actor Tom Hopper, finally puts on his signature sunglasses after he burst out of a body bag. Hopper told Polygon that it was important to him to see the human side of Wesker before going into supervillain mode.

“One of the most important things to me was that [sunglasses] start with. I think that’s the great thing about the last scene in the film, getting it, ”said Hopper. “And then to see how he could have been brought back to life … I mean, the guy is dying, right? I think this will affect him in many ways! What is really interesting is that he is someone who is out for his own gain. Yes, he has morals in this movie, but he’s an end in itself and I think if you give someone that power they can do some dangerous things. At the end of this movie it looks like he’s getting a lot of physical strength. “

Wesker’s development from a bought and sold STARS captain to a series nemesis would certainly make him suitable for a cinematic adaptation of Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Welcome to Raccoon City lays the foundation for the events of Code: Veronica by introducing the Ashford Twins (the film actually uses a tiny piece of in-game material from Code: Veronica, Roberts says). Alexia and Alfred Ashford serve as the main antagonists of this game starring Chris and Claire Redfield, with Wesker returning as the clearer villain – only now he has superpowers. Given that Code: Veronica Set just months after Raccoon City was destroyed, it’s the next logical step for the film franchise. And Robbie Amell, who plays Chris in the film, promises he’ll be there.

“As long as this first one is successful … we are ready for a sequel,” said Amell. “So keep your fingers crossed, we have a nice opening weekend. I would love to come back and keep doing it. For me such a dream came true. And I love the people involved […] Chris is not there Resident Evil 4, but we have 1 and 2 for the first, so maybe Code: Veronica and Resident Evil 4 for the second. I trust Johannes. I think he’s great. I think he’s the right guy to keep building this world. “

Chris and Claire Redfield reunite in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Image: Screen Gems

Roberts told Polygon that he would be interested in moving on Code: Veronica next because, in his words, “it’s crazy”.

“I want it to be like we’re adapting the next book in the franchise,” said Roberts when asked about future plans for Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City. “What I want to do is align it with the games instead of doing my own thing.” But he also showed great interest in an adaptation Resident Evil 4, the popular, action-oriented, but still creepy sequel that set up the game franchise in 2005.

As for the movie’s Leon S. Kennedy, actor Avan Jogia told Polygon that he was on board for sequels “whatever interests them.”

“I’m a big fan of the game series. I’ve counted hundreds of hours [Resident Evil 4] So, you know, I played Leon a lot more before I ever played Leon [on film]“Said Jogian. “Only from a personal point of view, RE4 is one of my all time favorite games. As a fan, I would love to see the film. I like the Las Plagas … and El Gigante. I love the Spanish European city they are in … there are just really cool characters and moments in this game. ”

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City starts in theaters on November 24th.

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