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Psychological thriller Martha is dead postponed to February 2022

Psychological thriller Martha is dead by developer LKA will now be released on February 24, 2022. The game was originally slated for a release in late 2021 and has now been added to an ever-growing list of delayed games that will be crammed into early 2022.

Martha is dead takes place in Italy in the 1940s during World War II. The title character is found dead during the conflict, and as her twin sister Giulia, players must search for the truth “in a world shrouded in mysterious folklore, superstition and the extreme horror of war”.

Over on the PlayStation blog, Caracal Games, who worked with LKA on aspects of developing the title, provided details Martha is dead‘s DualSense usage.

“In moments of heightened tension and fear, the players feel the protagonist’s heartbeat,” wrote the studio. “Players can also feel the difference in the character’s steps on different terrain. Our goal was to help the players feel Giulia’s movements and emotions as she searches for clues. “

In addition, the adaptive triggers are used to add more realism to the experience.

“Taking photos with the protagonist’s vintage camera from the 1940s feels more tactical thanks to the triggers,” Caracal Games continued. “This is key as photography plays a central role in solving the prevailing mystery.”

The PlayStation 5’s 3D audio and DualSense speakers are also used to “transmit sound to the environment in unexpected ways”.

Martha is dead will also be released for the PlayStation 4. An official overview reads:

Martha is Dead is a dark first-person psychological thriller set in Italy in 1944, which blurs the lines between reality, superstition and the tragedy of war.

As the conflict between German and Allied forces intensifies, the desecrated corpse of a drowned woman is found … Martha!

Martha is dead, and her twin sister Giulia, the young daughter of a German soldier, has to deal with the acute trauma of loss and the consequences of her murder on her own. The hunt for the truth is shrouded in mysterious folklore and the extreme horror of war that draws ever closer.

What will prevail?

Check out a new trailer below.

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