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Pocket Gamer Digital NEXT and Beyond Games round off a year of digital conferences | Pocket Gamer.biz

The Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT last week in combination with Beyond Games was the meeting point for game and creative professionals all over the world. From Monday, November 15 to Friday, November 19, the professionals gathered virtually to discuss everything to do with gaming and to make valuable contacts.

With 70 countries from around the world represented in the latest edition of Pocket Gamer Digital NEXT last week, our 1250 attendees were very representative of the state of the game industry today. We live in a time when games are expanding well beyond the usual market centers into an international and more diverse industry than ever before. More than 680 different companies from all corners of the world were in attendance, including companies such as LEGO Ventures, Supercell, Jam City and many more.

As with many PG Connects conferences, we saw a high proportion of publishers and developers, with 70% of attendees being game makers. For anyone looking to expand their network and make key connections that can take their career in gaming to the next level, there is no better place than PGC events.

For those looking to gain expert insights into the future of the gaming industry, PG Connects featured 14 tracks and 130 high profile speakers to learn from. Those first three days were packed with interesting lectures, seminars and panel discussions that highlight the most pressing issues the gaming industry is facing today. We discussed everything from commercial insights to international opportunities, new markets, corporate culture, industry visions and values, and much more. Some of the highlights were:

  • How to stand out from Nerd Monkeys as an indie by working with Diogo Vasconcelos
  • How do happy people make good games? with Erik Pöntiskoski from Dodreams
  • Gamifying sign language: Teach with Denis Odera from Usiku Games KSL in Kenya using educational games

A big part of what makes PG Connects events so valuable to industry professionals is the unprecedented networking opportunities. In particular, our facilitated matchmaking in the form of fringe events can help you open doors and bring you into contact with publishers, investors, monetization experts and more. In this issue we had The Digital Big Indie Pitch for indie publishers and investors, Publisher SpeedMatch and of course Investor Connector. Angry Cat Studios’ Csaba Bak said, “As an indie developer, Investor Connector is one of the best events you need to attend! We love it! Practice your pitch, listen to the pro speakers, learn a lot, look for publishers / investors, and many kinds of services! “

And the nice words don’t stop there …

Some feedback from attendees

Here is some of the feedback we have received from attendees at this conference. There is nothing like the experience of being part of one of these conferences to understand what it is about!

Two additional days full of insights and networking

PG Connects Digital NEXT gave all ticket holders access to the second Beyond Games conference, which will take place over the next two days. At this virtual conference, we were able to discuss everything related to interactive media with professionals from a range of creative industries who came together to discuss how we can work together as the world becomes more connected and the spaces between entertainment areas converge. We needed to have more than 400 attendees and 90 speakers holding discussions about new and emerging technologies and areas.

These two days were filled with insightful discussions on 10 thematic tracks. We talked about Transmedia Trends, Web 3.0, Blockchain Basics, Mapping the Metaverse and much more. Some incredible conversations this year were:

  • The future of immersive storytelling and how technology is blurring the lines between live action film and gaming with Flavourworks’ Jack Attridge
  • The Power of NFTs & Blockchain: Can This Technology Have A Social Impact? with Tano Bevacqua from MUSURE
  • Avatars & self-expression in the metaverse with Teddy Pahagbia from BLVCK PiXEL

This pioneering event brought together high-level talent from industries ranging from fashion to film to VR to discuss how we can come together to take our individual industries and businesses to the next level through cross-disciplinary collaboration. With a completely free meeting platform that is accessible to all participants around the clock, countless conversations and connections were established between those present.

A fantastic end of the year

Chris James, CEO of Steel Media, said, “The double header from PG Connects Digital Next and Beyond Games last week was a fantastic way to end our digital conference series with over 200 dedicated speakers sharing insights and visions into today’s gaming business next steps gave in to our glorious future for our industry.

In the past 20 months we have effectively hosted 9 PG Connects Digital Conferences and 2 Beyond Games, connecting around 13,800 delegates from over 7,000 companies and over 90 countries.

I’m very proud of the Steel Media team who worked so hard to create the best digital event experience possible. I am also extremely grateful to all of our incredible sponsors, partners and delegates who made it possible for us to deliver them, and to the over 2,000 speakers who kindly kindly shared their time and insights.

We have learned a lot from the digital experience, some of which we will bring to future hybrid events. For now, however, our main focus is delivering the market leading live events that have made us a name, starting with PGC London January 17th through 18th. We hope to see you there! “

Don’t you want to miss your opportunity to join us on our grand return to London?

PG Connects London is already open for registration and tickets are booked daily. Secure your seat at the highly anticipated mobile gaming conference at the best possible price and save up to $ 435 before our early bird offer ends.

Are you looking ahead to the rest of 2022? Take a look at our list of events for 2022 and add it to your calendar so you don’t miss a thing.


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