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No Gravity Games is giving away 19 Switch titles for free (North America)

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We’ve seen developers and publishers race down on Switch eShop prices, practically giving away games. Then we saw promotions that Strictly speaking Games given away for free, with No Gravity Games the latest to jump into this approach this festive season.

It is worth noting that this is all for North American accounts only, it doesn’t happen in the European eShop.

First of all, it encourages people to sign up for its newsletter with 500,000 copies of. to register Pirate: Everyone on board! within reach; When you sign up you will be emailed a code for the game.

If you have that, you can start receiving an advent calendar-style giveaway from December 1st. As with similar promotions that we have seen with other publishers, this means that as the owner of a game from this company, certain games will be shown as “free” in the eShop for a short time, in this case one per day. You can see all the details on this page, with the first three games Scary story, Star horizon and Strike Force Kitty.

Interested users seem to have to claim each one on a specific day or lose the series of free games.

However, you need to be careful. If you forget to redeem any of the free titles, you will not be eligible for the rest. The next titles on the lineup for the event will be available for free to users who have added the previous ones to their accounts!

This giveaway is taking place across America. Each title in the raffle is also heavily discounted. Remember, if you miss a day, you can always buy the latest game to continue your streak of free titles.

As is often the case with this type of graduation, not every game will be a winner, although some will no doubt go all-in to collect the whole lot.

Let us know in the comments if you’d like to take advantage of this sweepstakes.


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