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Match-3 Games Will Generate Nearly $ 1 Billion In Consumer Spending In Q3 2021 | Pocket Gamer.biz

This article is part of an on-going series of data-driven articles from PocketGamer.biz and App Annie highlighting trends in the global mobile games sector using App Annie’s Game IQ analysis.

Mobile games publishers based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa continue to dominate global app stores, according to the latest chart summary from data expert App Annie.

The charts – based on consumer spending – show three match-three-puzzle titles in the top 10 (Royal Match, Homescapes, and Fishdom: Deep Dive), with App Annie reporting the genre generating nearly $ 1 billion in the quarter Has.

However, the genre is only the fifth highest grossing result in the charts and is behind strategy in first place, RPG in second (massive multiplayer online games) and third (team battle) and casino games in fourth place.

One notable exception to the charts is the presence of Toca Life: World, the self-described “mega-app” that connects all of the locations and games within the studio’s Toca Life series.

It stands out as the only children’s game in the top ten. The game is monetized through in-app purchases, with content packs that feature new locations, venues, seasonal content, and characters.

The rest of the table offers a wide range of genres and content types that reflect the diverse audiences that play mobile games.

Traditional “shooter” video games, which are still one of the most popular genres on PC and console, appear only once in the top 10, with Mech Arena: Robot Showdown in ninth place. Casual and more mainstream games like Bingo Blitz (number 10) and Yalla Ludo (number eight) are also featured.

Lexi Sydow, Head of Insights, App Annie, said, “In the third quarter of 2021, some of the biggest breakout games for global consumer spending came to the app store from publishers headquartered in EMEA. Toca Life: World is particularly noteworthy for being the only kid’s game among breakout games. Users design and build their own cartoon-style avatars and worlds, and can purchase new locations, characters, and pets to build their custom worlds.

“Match> M3 Meta-Game represented three of the top 10 breakout games at EMEA headquarters, with Royal Match ranked first, Homescapes third, and Fishdom: Deep Dive seventh.

“Match> M3 meta-games as a subgenre represented almost $ 1 billion in consumer spending worldwide in the third quarter of 2021 and were subsequently the fifth highest subgenre: Strategy> 4X March Battle in first place, RPG> MMORPG in second place, RPG> Team Battle in 3rd place and Casino> Slots in 4th place. “

Game IQ is a vertically tailored analytics product developed by App Annie that provides insights into dimensions such as class, genre, subgenre, and tags. Games can now be analyzed by a wide category class (tuning), genre, subgenre and tags (modifiers) such as IP, art style, settings, monetization mechanics and more.

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