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Halo Infinite: 117 Rapid Fire Questions with Joseph Staten

Halo Infinite has had a great couple of weeks. In addition to the free multiplayer suite that will be released before the full game is released on December 8th, Master Chief’s next adventure is also at the center of the latest Game informers Cover story! And what’s a cover story without a brand new one Rapid fire Interview with the only Joseph Staten?

Join us as we sit down with the 343 Creative Director to discuss everything about Halo Infinite in our patented, lightning-fast style. Joseph was kind enough to ask us 117 questions spanning everything fans would want to know about one of the biggest games of 2021 Rapid fire In fashion, we have a lot of questions focused on getting to the bottom of Halo Infinite. Who is the gun Will there be new maps and firearms to the multiplayer suite over time? What happened to Chief and Cortana after the events of Halo 5?

It wouldn’t be a either Rapid fire without some questions you probably wouldn’t ask, like what kind of Broadway musical is Chief listening to while killing The Banished and saving the universe? Get the answer to that question and a lot more in this exclusive interview that you can find above!

Is the wait for the Halo Infinite campaign feeling too long? We understand and want to help you through this time with our exciting new cover story! This month we’re diving into a ton of new and engaging interviews, gameplay videos, and more from the team behind the next entry in Master Cheif’s story. Check out our sneak peek into the game’s opening level, our campaign impressions, learn more about exploration and progress, and our glimpse into creating the sneaky bots from earlier versions of the multiplayer test flights. Thanks for watching, and let us know what you think of the video in the comments below!

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