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Factorial Games publishes the turn-based collectible RPG Super String worldwide

Factorial Games, a subsidiary of Pearl Abyss, announced today that it is the global version of Superstring, a new mobile game developed in collaboration with Webtoon production company YLAB.

Super string is the first game launch of Factorial Games since the takeover by Pearl Abyss in May of this year. This exciting turn-based collectible RPG with tactical elements is now on the in nearly 180 countries Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Super string supports English, Korean, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese.

Super string is a webcomic with popular heroes from 14 Webtoon titles by YLAB and unites them in a single universe. It contains heroes from Island, Blade of the Phantom Master, Man reawakened, Terror man, Neolithic girl and more. Has been since its introduction in Korea in May this year Super string has taken first place in popularity on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

In Super string, players can collect and assemble a team of heroes from their favorite YLAB webtoons. It offers immersive storytelling with high quality film sequences produced by live action 3D models

Strategy is important when playing the game. With the right use of “combinations” and “skills” players can defeat the evil forces that will destroy the world. To lead heroes to victory, players must combine over 100 heroes and monsters and then strategically place their moves in battle for maximum strength. The game offers different strategic outcomes depending on how players assemble their teams and how they strategically combine their hero’s skills.

To commemorate the worldwide introduction of Super string, Factorial Games will host a series of events where players can receive hands-on rewards that will bring them the highest quality agents.

Please visit the game’s official page for more information Facebook site.

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