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Epic confirm duos FNCS 2022 & return of Daily Cups, world championship still in question

Fortnite Competitive is moving up a gear in 2022 following a series of announcements from Epic Games.

As we near the end of not just another Fortnite season but Chapter 2 as a whole, fans are wondering what’s next for the competitive scene. With a year of exclusively trios FNCS behind us and no LAN events since the beginning of 2020, many feel that something is needed to spice things up.

Well, that’s exactly what we got. On Friday, Epic live streamed a new “Hype Hour” show to get everyone excited ahead of the massive $ 5,000,000 Grand Royale tournament this weekend. Amid a roundup of this year’s FNCS winners, our favorite casters shared a whopping three announcements about what to expect in the future.

First FNCS. Fortnite Champion Series, now solidified as the game’s first competitive offering, returns in 2022. This time around there will be duos every season, making it easier for lesser-known players to find a team and participate.

The FNCS format will only have two qualifiers to allow room for more events on the schedule. Both the semi-finals and the finals have been tweaked significantly to improve the viewing experience while making things better for the contestants.

One of the most important changes mentioned was that a new “Match Point” system will be introduced for the finals. This allows teams that reach a certain point threshold to end the tournament early and secure the championship by picking up a Victory Royale. Survival is always key in Battle Royale, and Match Point keeps that feeling at the forefront of competition.

Finally, host Zeke spoke about a stronger focus on the openness of the competition. The ability for anyone and everyone to compete in most tournaments has always been what sets Fortnite apart from other esports titles, and it seems they double that.

Separate Cash Cups will now be held simultaneously for Champion, Contender and Open Ranking Arena players. That means anyone, regardless of their level, can enjoy the competitive experience without having to worry about not being good enough to keep up.

A popular request from the community was to bring back the Daily Cups we saw in seasons 2 and 3. It sounds like we can expect this to happen next summer. It only makes sense that they take place during the school holidays for maximum engagement.

Many voted in the hope that a World Cup would be announced in 2022. Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that the online-only policy currently remains in effect. However, Zeke added that the situation was constantly being evaluated and teased that some “exciting things” were still planned.

The developers will also consider applications for third-party in-person events. So organizers like DreamHack will potentially be able to host a wide variety of LAN tournaments.

With this Hype Hour show, great promotional videos on social media, and new in-game leaderboards for Arena, it really feels like Epic is stepping up its commitment to competition in general. Look forward to a lot, see you!

For full details, see Epic’s official Fortnite competition announcements for the 2022 blog post.

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