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4 reasons about the upcoming MMORPG from NCSOFT – TouchArcade. to be excited

With breathtakingly beautiful graphics and fast-paced gameplay, Parentage2M tops the list of the most anticipated mobile games before the end of the year. The upcoming ancestry The title is due to appear on December 2nd for PC and mobile devices. With the release date so close and the pre-download only a week away, here are some reasons you should definitely check out NCSOFT’s exciting new MMORPG.

Breathtaking performance

Based on the original Descent 2 publish on PC, Parentage2M is ready to offer a powerful backend that enables gamers to experience the best features of mobile devices, with stunning graphics and nearly seamless load times. No matter where the player chooses, all of Aden’s wonders will be yours without experiencing frustrating delays and unwanted delays.

Perhaps most impressive Parentage2M will allow over 10,000 players to compete in a single epic 3D battle in one location – all with no delays or delays to interrupt your pleasure.

Action-packed combat in a huge open world

Ever wanted to tour one of Aden’s most majestic trading towns or bask in the beauty of its impressive agricultural areas? No matter which section of Aden you want to explore, you will always find yourself in for unique experiences, landscapes and of course enemies. bump Lineage2Ms colossal open world.

As you explore 240 million square feet of Aden, you will encounter a variety of monsters and fearsome beasts, where players will either have to team up or compete against each other to enjoy the fabulous rewards each battle has to offer, including skill books and special items.

Amazing character development rewards

Leveling up characters is an easy experience with high quality rewards waiting for those who finish the Daily Benefit event. Unlike most hardcore MMORPGs Parentage2M makes it relatively easy for inexperienced MMO players to develop their characters. Incoming mail and a new pass system also offer players daily rewards to further their adventure.

Exciting multiplayer gameplay

With high-resolution support and personalization of buttons and controls, Parentage2M enables its players to take part in the game at any time, regardless of whether they are on the PC or on the mobile phone. Thanks to the game’s proprietary service (called PURPLE), players can control their PC game and use the remote play function to communicate with fellow players from their mobile phones.

Parentage2M will be available for pre-download on November 30th from the PURPLE (for PC gamers), iOS App Store and Google Play Store ahead of the official launch for a smoother transition. Registration for the pre-registration event is currently also possible for players who would like to receive additional starting prices.

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