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The Walking Zombie 2 is now available for pre-order


  • RPG-style first person shooter game, five cities full of exciting quests, available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S.
  • A hero saves the world from the attacks of millions of zombies
  • Beautiful modern polygon graphics style, dozens of NPC characters and a huge number of weapons, cars and collectibles

The world is being destroyed by a zombie apocalypse and the few survivors who have not turned into carnivorous monsters are struggling to survive.

The story of our hero begins in the dark forest, where an infected woman in the camp gives birth to a baby boy. The woman then turns into a zombie and kills everyone in the camp. A member of the group called Elder shoots a zombie woman with his AK-47, drawing a large horde of zombies into the area, so he gets a minigun out of the van and kills all the zombies around him. Then he escapes in a van, rescues the child, and raises it as his own.


Twenty years later, the boy has grown into a tall man and is known in the settlement as “the chosen one”. The chosen one will begin to learn basic survival skills, how to use firearms and heal people and help their neighbors with their problems. After a long time, the hero decides to leave the settlement and visit nearby cities, where he tries to find out how he was born and how to fight the insidious virus and discovers the mysterious background of the whole virus infection.


On his travels he meets many new friends, but also new enemies and knows love, fear, joy and sadness. He will learn many new skills and opportunities to break through this dangerous world.

If that sounds like an interesting story, don’t hesitate and play our wonderful game The Walking Zombie 2. Have fun and face the challenges in a first person shooter with lots of RPG elements, new experiences like boss fights, saving the city from an atom bomb, marriage, infidelity, family reunions, solving puzzles and many other great things.

The Walking Zombie 2 comes for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Pre-orders will start from November 23, 2021 and you can immerse yourself in the game on December 3, 2021.

The Walking Zombie 2

XBox Live

The Walking Zombie 2

Alda Games sro

$ 11.99

$ 9.59

The world after the zombie apocalypse is a dark place. You were born into it so you have to fight for survival and fight against many kinds of zombies, bandits and dangerous boss monsters. You will take on important story quests and many side quests, improve your skills and perks, sell and buy equipment and communicate with (un) lucky survivors. Survival RPG and first person shooter Walking Zombie 2 is a good old FPS with a story, tons of quests and lots of shooting material with different weapons. Your main enemies are zombies who already control the world – they are everywhere, in many types and most importantly, in large numbers. You will use weapons with different ammunition, grenades, or melee weapons to dispose of them, and you can heal yourself with medkits and food. As you complete more and more quests, your character will get stronger with better equipment, improved skills, and perks received. Features – Good old post-apocalyptic single player FPS – Attractive modern polygon graphic style – Karma system – Good and bad deeds open up new options and encounters – Dozens of story and side quests – Lots of weapons, protective gear and other equipment – Weapon skins – Vehicles and Vehicle skins – Open world locations around “Grind City” – Own and equip your own home – Variety of enemies – Zombie walkers, bandits, giant boss mutants – Traders in settlements – Fun mini-games and sniper mission

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