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MU Online Companion App MU Lite gets a new ‘Muun Defense’ mode and a lot of new events

MU Lite, the highly acclaimed MU online mobile spin-off from Korean developer Webzen, just got a new mode. It’s called Muun Defense and it looks super fun.

In case you are not familiar with MU Lite, it belongs to the same game universe as MU Origin, MU Origin 2 and MU Archangel. The difference is that these games are all based on the original MU Online, while MU Lite is actually a mobile extension of the PC experience.

MU Lite connects mobile players to their PC-MU online accounts and allows players to continue their games outside of their desktop through AI autoplay and battle replay to earn rewards like Ruud and Jewel to be spent on the MU continent can.

In the new Muun Defense mode, you have to build your army and level up your heroes in order to destroy your enemy’s tower. The most successful players receive prizes.

And there is more. Webzen has also introduced a number of new events in MU Lite that give you plenty of opportunities to earn rank, exploration keys, and all kinds of valuable loot.

These exploration keys will be available to every player at 6:00 p.m. each day, while anyone who completes level 4-1 will be offered a valuable Gargoyle Muun.

Then there is the MU Lite Ranking Event, where players have the chance to win a +7 Earring of Glory, +7 Ancestral Earring, a Lapidary Stone, and a Luminous Earring Box. The more points you win, the more loot you win.

We’re still not done. In addition to the above, MU Lite is also running several limited time events consisting of a 30% EXP boost, 20% Monster HP decrease, and a Mystic Gift Box event. There are also time-limited discounts on the Adventurer Support Package and Goblin Points.

These events start today and last until December 14th. First, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download MU Lite now for free.

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