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Hitman 3 Year 2 Content will feature new maps and new storylines

Hitman 3 is celebrating its first birthday in January, but that doesn’t mean IO Interactive will end support for the game anytime soon. The developer has announced that a second year of content is planned Hitman 3; Year 2 will include new maps and new storylines, among other things. This content is slated to begin in January 2022, with a more detailed reveal planned for earlier this year.

Year 2 of the content will last an additional 12 months and will include new maps, storylines, game modes and “play styles”. “While details on this were pretty scarce, they detailed the new Elusive Target Arcade. This will be a new way to set yourself elusive goals and deliver the “Ultimate Elusive Goal Challenge” by changing the formula players have been used to for the past 11 months. Unlike the normal Elusive Targets, Elusive Target Arcade will be a permanent addition to the game.

The announcement trailer also gave us a sneak peek into a new map that looks like a very expensive eco-friendly residence in the middle of the forest. There’s also a quick peek at a shooting range, although that is part of the same map or is linked to one of the new game modes remains to be seen.

Hitman 3 has been very successful since its release earlier this year. The three games in the Hitman The World of Assassination trilogy has amassed 50 million players Hitman 3 to be the most successful of them all. The final act of the Seven Deadly Sins campaign is currently running in Hitman 3which brings free and premium content with it. The Wrath Termination Escalation is available to those who have purchased the Seven Deadly Sins DLC, while the Halloween-themed The Mills Reverie Escalation is available to all players. More featured contracts will arrive from the Hitman community on November 25, bringing the total to 70 and unlocking the professional screwdriver reward.

HITMAN 3 – Year 2 starts January 20th, 2022. There will also be a major update for the game in spring; further details on both are promised in the future.

[Source: IO Interactive]

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