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Fortnite v18.40 Hotfix – Strike from the Shadows Week

Fortnite’s newest hotfix for Chapter 2, Season 8 is here with some changes and additions to the game.

Vote on the final war effort

The final vote on the Chapter 2 Season 8 War Effort is now live in-game: The Proximity Grenade Launcher vs. the Flint Knock Pistol. The new vote comes just a week after the ‘Mech is reintroduced to the island in the form of the new Salvaged BRUTE

The first weapon that is 100% financed with gold bars is devalued and immediately added to the active loot pool.

Strike from the shadow week

The v18.40 hotfix starts Fortnite’s new one Blow out of the shadow week. The Paper Bomb Kunai, Shadow Stones, and Shadow Floppers spawn rate, which runs through November 30th at 9 a.m. ET, has been increased significantly so that they can be found everywhere.

New themed quests are now also available on the Hit the shadow punch card in the game.

Note: The changes introduced for Shadows Week will not be included in any competitive playlists.

Fortnite has officially revealed the Crew Pack for December 2021. Click here to check it out.

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