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Bitlife Dogs Tricks Guide – Each Trick and How to Master It

Mastering Tricks in Doglife: Bitlife Dogs is a great way to get out of trouble and impress people. It isn’t the most complicated process, but there are a few things that you must learn in order to do it. That is why we wrote this guide.

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Here are all the tricks in Doglife: Bitlife Dogs and how to master them.

Master a trick

To master a trick, you must be around six months old to access the Tricks menu in the Activities tab. It’s about halfway there and opens up a list of all the tricks you can practice.

Tap a trick in the menu and you will have a chance to practice it. If you have Top Dog, you can do this for free. If not, you’ll need to watch a video to practice the trick.

However you do it, your mastery of the trick will increase every time you practice it. When the bar is full, you’ve mastered the trick and can use it to soothe the anger of an angry person. Among other things.

What you should know

You can only practice a trick a certain number of times in an age before you stop achieving mastery. If the bar stops rising after practicing, it is time to increase your age before you start practicing again.

It’s also important to know that you can master more than one trick in your life. Just repeat the process all over again and if you live long enough you can master as many tricks as you want.

All the tricks in Doglife: Bitlife Dogs

Here is our full list of all the tricks you can master in Doglife: Bitlife Dogs.

  • Shake hands
  • To turn around
  • Speak
  • Pretend you’re dead
  • Turn around
  • wave
  • Give a kiss
  • Ask
  • Bow
  • Give hugs
  • fist bump
  • give me five
  • Twerk
  • To sing

This is all you need to master the tricks in Doglife: Bitlife Dogs. Good luck out there.

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