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10 fun games to play with the kids this holiday

If your family is over for Thanksgiving and holiday weekend to relax and shop, there’s a good chance the younger population is looking for some entertainment. Once they have their iPads, they’ll likely retreat to YouTube playback mode, but you can use this screen to bring the family together for some fun playtime too.

I’ve put together a handful of games designed to entertain groups of children and adults alike. The tough job is finding games that are available on a variety of devices that have cross-play support – that is, you can play together, even when you’re on PlayStation 4 and the kids are on their iPads.

If you’re just entertaining a child or two, I’ve also added a few games that should be fun for them, but that are only available on select machines. These games have different age groups in mind, but can be fun for everyone.

The first three games I picked are very easy, but as I’ve found, parents often don’t know they offer crossplay and don’t need three or four of the same system to get kids to play together in their household.

Hope this list is some fun for you. Have a nice turkey day everyone!

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