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Someone put together a huge list of “missing” Battlefield 2042 features

When it comes to long-running video game franchises, it’s not uncommon for developers to change, remove, and redesign features. Whether these changes lead to good or bad is subjective, but with Battlefield 2042, it looks like a lot of things went wrong. We knew that a traditional campaign, for example, was no longer in the picture, but less weapon selection is a bit surprising.

Reddit user Jellyswim decided to put together a full list of things that were found in previous versions Battlefield Games that didn’t make it Battlefield 2042‘s base game (no portal) and while many of the complaints are subjective, we can see why Jellyswim’s list went viral. It’s quite long and sometimes a surprising read.

The highlights include:

  • Not a standard server browser

  • Less standard game modes, like Team Deathmatch

  • Not a standard hardcore mode

  • No stubborn lobbies (requires matchmaking after each round)

  • Fewer character customization options

  • No profile progress / statistics page in the menu

  • No battle log / stats tracker for other players

  • No global leaderboards

  • Less weapons

  • Less infantry gadgets

  • No manual leaning

  • No diving while swimming

  • No high vaulted walls

  • No crouching sprinting

  • Not susceptible to backwards

  • No explosion recoil

  • No rolling after falling from a height

  • No ammunition or health pick-ups from teammates

  • Fewer vehicle types

  • No naval vehicles

  • No animations for entering and exiting vehicles

  • No player damage points

  • No vehicle damage points

  • No assistance points for killing vehicles

  • Less basic playing cards

  • No static weapon positions

  • Fewer control customization options

  • Fewer UI customization options

  • No adjustment of the HUD / Icon opacity

  • No customization options for HUD scaling

  • No network performance graph

  • No single player scoreboard

Jellyswim’s list is twice the size of these highlights and is broken down into segments. Suffice it to say, Battlefield 2042The change of direction worked on the wrong foot. For its part, DICE has announced that it will address some of the most pressing issues soon.

[Source: Reddit via IGN]

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