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Playable Factory introduces new features for editing playable ads | Pocket Gamer.biz

Playable Factory has introduced a new suite of graphics editor features for its playable display toolkit, Gearbox.

The new features allow mobile marketers to make “real-time” changes to playable mobile ads without the need for programming experience.

Playable Factory stated that the new features will allow marketers to “refresh” the visual identity of ads while allowing for quick A / B testing of ads.

Some of the new features in the Gearbox graphic editor include color filters, pixelation, and cartoon outlines, which allow developers and publishers to create “infinite variations on existing playable ad content”.

Real-time change

“Modifying playable advertising materials has previously been a complicated and time-consuming undertaking,” said Gökçe Nur Oguz, co-founder and CEO of Playable Factory.

“With Gearbox’s new graphics editor capabilities, anyone can get creative with their own customizable playable ads. Not only can you make existing playable ads look brand new in seconds, but we’ve found that tiny tweaks can have a huge impact on ad performance, which user engagement and acquisition will be dramatically increased.

“Instead of charging customers for changes to ads, we’re creating scalable tools that put power in the hands of game developers, publishers and brands alike.”

Playable Factory has partnered with leading mobile game providers like Voodoo, Zynga, King, and Kwalee to create playable ads.

Voodoo Project Manager and Creative Lead Aya Mouawad added, “Playable Factory’s stunning Gearbox graphics editor helped me create ten different versions of the same playable with just a few clicks.”

“This new technology from Playable Factory is revolutionary, from adding color filters, cartoon effects, setting the light intensities, we can create infinite filter combinations and get hyper creative with it! I enjoyed using it so much that I will do it use it for all of our future playables. ‘


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