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Loop Hero will start another run on Switch on December 9th

Loop Hero is one of the best PC exclusives of the year, and we found out during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase in August that it is moving to consoles, namely Switch. If you’ve been waiting to try the looping adventure or just want to take it with you on the go, December 9th is the date.

For those unfamiliar with Loop Hero, it has a unique premise. To save the world from destruction, a hero roams a loop full of monsters and other dangers. You don’t control your hero directly, however; Instead, you create the world that he will explore. By strategically placing a wide variety of creatures, terrain types, and obstacles, your auto-moving hero will get stronger with each villain killed. The key is to throw just enough at the hero to increase his strength without accidentally overpowering him and causing his downfall. Between runs, you’ll build a settlement with various shops to unlock equipment and buffs to increase your chances for the next round.

Loop Hero is one of those tracks that was best played by yourself to really understand its hooks. In our test of the PC version, we rated the game with 8.5 out of 10 points. Reviewer Dan Tack noted that “Loop Hero is a creative and clever little game that should be on your radar if you like strategy, RPGs, deck builders, roguelikes, or all of the above. While its novelty begins to wither the further you get away from your opening times, the journey is worthwhile and exciting. “

Loop Hero is $ 14.99, but you can pre-order it now on the eShop for a 10% ($ 13.49) discount.

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