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Cowboy Bebop’s Ed actor Eden Perkins speaks about the role in the first interview

Eden Perkins is here to let the audience know: Ed’s hair is in Cowboy bebop is as wild as it looks.

The actor who plays Ed in the live action of Netflix Cowboy bebop Adapting and using she / she pronouns, did her first interview about her time on the show (as little as it was) for Netflix ‘Still Watching channel on Youtube. Introducing Ed, the fourth member of the bebop crew, at the very, very last minute, was intended by showrunner André Nemec, but it meant Perkins didn’t go on the usual promotional tour as co-stars.

And while her co-star Mustafa Shakir wasn’t delighted with all of his time in costume, Perkins couldn’t get enough.

“[The costume] is very free and agile I guess, which Ed likes a lot, ”Perkins told Still Watching. “And the wig! The wig is so cool; it’s so prickly and I really want to touch it, but don’t do it because otherwise it would mess everything up. ”

Perkins, as predictable, is pretty excited about the role of Ed in a possible second season of Cowboy bebop. They rave about their favorite Ed moment, from the original anime (“Ganymede Elegy”, in which Ed gets a bounty for being mean) to the brief excursion into the live action world of Bebop next to the great John Cho.

“She’s just so incredibly alive and energetic wherever she goes,” Perkins said of Ed. “Even though there is only one scene, it has an air of personality.”

While Netflix hasn’t cleared the show for a second season yet, Nemec told Polygon that Ed’s presence would have a huge impact on bringing the bebop crew back together after the events of the finale. In the meantime, you can watch the entire Netflix aftershow on their Youtube channel.

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