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Random: Do you want a switch for Christmas? Let’s hope you don’t end up with one of these clones

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The Switch is probably one of the most sought-after items for Christmas 2021, which means it could sell out anywhere – despite the fact that it is nearing its fifth birthday.

When there is a high demand for something it usually means other companies are trying to make money, and that is certainly the case in the burgeoning gaming handheld sector made in China. We’ve covered these emulation systems a couple of times on Nintendo Life, with products like the Anbernic R351V and Retroid Pocket 2 that offer a solid (and cheap) means of playing ROMs, but companies in the Far East seem to have come across an awesome option make their devices even more attractive to potential (and perhaps unsuspecting) customers: they make it look like the switch.

Take a look at the Anbernic PS5000, for example. Where did You come up with the idea for this attractive red / blue match-up, we ask ourselves?

Or maybe you prefer the X12 PLUS, which has a design based on that of the PS Vita but uses the iconic Switch Joy-Con color scheme for good measure. Why not, right?

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The S9000A is another one of those “We have this PS Vita clone shell and we need to polish it up a bit, so let’s add the Switch colors”:

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Then there is the Powkiddy X2, which we have already covered on this page:

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What about the CoolBaby RS-17? These things all have the BEST names:

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The stupidly cheap and simply named D20 might just play basic 8-bit games, but it still rocks that all-important Switch look:

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Maybe you are looking for something more ergonomic? Then the X19plus could be right for you. It of course wears the colors of this season:

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If you are looking for the “Switch Lite” vibe then the Powkiddy RGB10 MAX might be more to your liking:

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Ironically, most of these devices run the same thing – emulators for classic systems like NES, SNES, Mega Drive, and Game Boy – so while you can be sure some Nintendo-related gaming action, if you can find one under your tree (albeit legally dubious in nature), we can’t imagine these imposers will scratch quite the same itch as the switch itself.


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