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EA FIFA continues to lock horns because of the FIFA license

Increasingly, it looks like the next Electronic Arts football (or soccer) title will not be named FIFA.

According to reports EA wanted to drop FIFA Due to the exorbitant license costs, the soccer organization has declared in its own declaration that it no longer wants a company to “control and exploit” the license. Now EA has made it clear to the Financial Times that it doesn’t think it’s being used FIFA in the future, and not expected to lose players due to name change. The publisher already has a brand for “EA Sports FC

“We are not sure if we will continue FIFA as a naming partner, “EA manager David Jackson told the Financial Times. He added that “the name” FIFA lives in the minds of many young players around the world, ”but the series has“ many, many players ”and EA sees no reason why that should change in the future.

“We’re not naive, things can change,” Jackson continued. “But we don’t see any major risks as long as we continue to meet player expectations about the value of the entertainment they will get from the products we develop.”

EAs FIFA Games have come under intense scrutiny in recent years due to microtransactions. At one point, the company investigated an employee who was accused of selling rare products FIFA Ultimate team cards for cash. That said FIFA reigns every year in terms of both number of players and commercial performance at the top. EA doesn’t have to face any real competition with its annual sports titles.

[Source: FT]

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