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The next Battlefield 2042 update will fix soldier resuscitation and missing equipment

Battlefield 2042 Released in a rather chaotic state (our review here) and although DICE released a patch before the game was released worldwide, it wasn’t enough to fix numerous issues that plague the gaming experience. The studio has promised to come out with two updates within the next 30 days and has outlined some of the most pressing issues it plans to address, including missing equipment, vehicle balancing, and unrefreshed soldiers.

Get the details below.

Soldier revived

  • We’re confident we’ve identified the root cause of the problem that kept you from getting out of a revival time and time again, especially with a player in close proximity to the geometry. A solution for this is in the works. Regardless, we’re nearing a possible server-side fix for players who, on rare occasions, are unable to reappear. If this server-side fix doesn’t hold, we already have another solution planned for our upcoming update.

UAV-1 interaction

  • We temporarily removed this while we had a chance to see how best to keep it balanced and fun. That work is now complete and we will try to enable this again along with the next update.

Missing equipment

  • A rare problem that can sometimes cause a data call to our end to fail has now been fixed and is currently being tested. We are very interested in making these available for all of you and making sure you don’t have the frustration of having to connect to a server again.

Vehicle balancing

  • The LCAA hovercraft will be fitted with lighter armor that will reduce its health, and we are fine-tuning some of its weapons. The MD540 Nightbird will also make similar adjustments to its armament. We keep a close eye on the early balance for future changes.

We will update our readers when the patch is live.

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